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Chonry O (≤6000mL/min)
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Chonry O (Flow Rate ≤6000mL/min) - Peristaltic Pump

Chonry O series peristaltic pumps are middle-flow pumps whose flow rate is less than 6000ml/min. High suction lift. High performance. Chonry O series is divided into M, LC, CT, FC, and other types of peristaltic pumps according to the operation method and functions. You can select different models according to the functions and flow rate. Variable speed peristaltic pumps. 0-600rpm. Multi-channel peristaltic pumps.

M series pumps -  A type of basic peristaltic pump. The digital knob adjusts the speed and flow rate. Support external control operation and foot switch control. Cheap peristaltic pump

Applications:Basic peristaltic pumps used in solvent extraction, leaching pump, mining, flotation, sapphire grinding, polishing fluid transfer, and liposuction pump.

LC series pumps- Intelligent peristaltic pump liquid transmission. Touchscreen operation. Display showing the running parameters so that you can learn about the liquids transferring and operator-friendly easy to operate. Multi-working models: transmission mode, timing mode, quantitative mode, timing quantitative mode. 

Applications:They are used in laboratories, biopharmaceuticals, printing, mineral processing, and other fields.

FC series pumps - In addition to the transmission function, FC peristaltic liquid pumps also has a liquid distribution function, which can set the filling time, filling volume, interval time, and filling times. Best peristaltic pump for liquid dispensing and filling. Precise peristaltic pump. 

Applications: They are widely used in testing reagents dispensing, oral liquids, veterinary drugs and other pharmaceutical fillings, or chemical, food, E-liquid Filling and other fields.

As a professional supplier of peristaltic pumps with 14 years of experience, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality peristaltic pumps with a wide range of flow rates. If you are unsure about which pump model to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us! Simply provide us with information about your applications, and we will recommend the most suitable pumps for you!


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