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Liquid Dispensing Filling System
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Liquid Dispensing Filling System

Chonry standard liquid filling system peristaltic pumps are made of 4 sets of motors and can be expanded to 32 sets of motors. Various pump heads are optional, YZ1515x, TX315, YZ2515x, DG series and LP15-6.

Features of Dispensing Filling System Peristaltic Pump 

- The controller and dispensing system are separated, allowing flexible mounting.

- Support each motor's independent calibration.

- 7-inch touch screen, operation-friendly interface.

Application of Liquid Filling System 

The filling system peristaltic metering pumps are specially designed for dispensing and filling the vaccine, pharmaceutical reagents, and Vials. The filler pumps help you achieve liquid filling and dispensing efficiently and with high precision.

The peristaltic pump has high liquid filling accuracy and stability. The lower shearing effect is more suitable for filling biologically active liquids. When filling the liquid, the liquid only contacts the tube, which eliminates the risk of the pump contaminating the liquid or the liquid contaminating the pump. By choosing a corrosion-resistant tube, it can be used to fill various corrosive liquids. By choosing a wear-resistant soft the tube can be used to fill liquids containing solid particles.

Chonry is the source supplier of peristaltic pumps providing you with the various flow speed of the peristaltic metering pump. If you want to buy peristaltic pumps, contact us now to solve your projects.


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