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Peristaltic Pump Peristaltic pumps are the best choice to solve fluid transfer. It is made of one motor, pump head and pump tube. It features high precision, no contamination, free maintenance and direction reversible. Pump peristaltic are widely used for liquid dispensing, metering and filling for water, food, chemicals, cosmetics and medical.How do peristaltic pumps work?Peristaltic pumps work by using a rotating roller or set of rollers to compress and release a flexible tube, creating a vacuum that draws fluid into the tube and then pushes it through the tube to the outlet. The rollers move along the length of the tube, squeezing it at regular intervals and creating a series of pressure waves that move the fluid forward. When it is squeezed between the roller and the track, the tube is completely closed, which gives the pump its positive displacement action, preventing backflow.The amount of fluid delivered per rotation can be controlled by adjusting the speed of the rollers or the size of the tube. Peristaltic pumps are commonly used in medical devices, laboratory equipment, and industrial applications where precise and consistent fluid delivery is required. What are the advantages of peristaltic pumps?- High Precision Repeatable Flow RatePeristaltic pumps are a type of positive displacement pump moving a fixed volume. So peristaltic pumps offer high accuracy repeatable flow rates. It is the best solution for metering or dosing fluid transfer.- Low Maintenance The tube is the only consumable. Just need regularly replace the peristaltic pump tubing, easy to install. No valves and seals- No pollution The fluid only touches the inner of the tubing across the whole working process. In medical applications, peristaltic pumps satisfied the requirements of sterile and clean. - Dry-running without damagePeristaltic pumps can transfer gas, liquid, and gas-liquid mixture in dry operation. The vacuum created by the peristaltic pump allows the pump to self-prime.- Low ShearPeristaltic pumps are allowing for easy transferring of shear-sensitive fluids. While it can transfer viscous liquids such as salad dressing and glutinous rice glue, abrasive and corrosive liquids, and liquids containing solid particles.- Easy to use Peristaltic pumps are easy to operate. Just need to replace the tube. There is an article about the replacement of peristaltic pump tubing.Different types of peristaltic pumpsAccording to the motor provides a different range of flow rates, the peristaltic pump is divided into different types:Chonry S series peristaltic pumps provide a flow rate from 1 to 300ml/minChonry O series peristaltic pumps provide a flow rate from 300 to 6000ml/minChonry L series peristaltic pumps provide a flow rate from 6 to 12 L/minChonry X series peristaltic pumps provide a flow rate from 12 to 40 L/minWhat are the applications of peristaltic pumps?The peristaltic dosing pump has a wide range of applications across various industries. For example:- Peristaltic pumps are used for accurate dosing and transfer of liquids in medical and laboratory applications, such as drug production, blood analysis, and dialysis.-  Peristaltic pumps are used for the gentle pumping of food and beverage products, such as dairy products, fruit juices, and sauces, without damaging the product or altering its composition.- Used for cosmetics and perfume-filling pumps.- Used for the chemical industry, transferring the acids, solvents, and bases, without corroding or damaging the pump.- Used for the mining Industry, transferring abrasive slurry and wastewater in mining operations.Why choose the Chonry peristaltic pump?Chonry is the leading peristaltic pump manufacturer in China specializing in the research and development, production and selling of peristaltic pumps. Over the 12 years, we now have innovated 30+ series and 200+ products in various speeds and different flow peristaltic pumps. The main products include the industrial pump, explosion-proof peristaltic pump, dosing pump, microfluid pump, and supporting the OEM pump. If you are interested in peristaltic pumps or need liquids transfer pumps, please feel free to contact us! Read More
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Baoding Chuangrui Precision Pump Co., Ltd. is located in Hebei of China. Started production of the peristaltic pump in 2010, as the top pump manufacturer in China, we now have 30 series production including peristaltic metering pump, pump head, dispensing filling system, micro gear pumps and industrial peristaltic pumps.

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