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What is an explosion-proof peristaltic pump?

Jun. 16, 2023


As a high-end and professional industrial pump, the explosion-proof peristaltic pump has received more and more attention in recent years. So, what is an explosion-proof peristaltic pump? What are its application areas? Today, we will find out.


What is an explosion-proof peristaltic pump?

An explosion-proof peristaltic pump is an industrial pump made on the principle of a peristaltic pump. It can work stably under harsh working conditions such as various high-viscosity liquids, high solid content, flammable and explosive, etc. It has certain corrosion resistance and strong anti-extrusion ability and is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, chemical industry, environmental protection, geothermal, petroleum and many other fields.

What are explosion-proof peristaltic pump application areas?

Explosion-proof peristaltic pumps are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry because they can deliver high-concentration pasty liquids without generating shear force and heat, effectively ensuring the quality of pharmaceuticals. In the food industry, explosion-proof peristaltic pumps can accurately measure liquid delivery and play an important role in ensuring food hygiene and safety. In addition, the explosion-proof peristaltic pump can also pump high-concentration solid-containing media in oil fields and geothermal water, which greatly improves the lifting efficiency and has a wide range of applications.

In addition, explosion-proof peristaltic pumps also play a pivotal role in the anti-corrosion field. We all know that in an acid-base corrosion environment, some pumps will fail quickly due to their physical properties. The pump sleeve made of high-strength elastic material used in explosion-proof peristaltic pumps has high corrosion resistance and can stably transport liquids in extremely harsh acid-base corrosion environments. It is also recognized as one of the excellent anti-corrosion products in the industry.


In short, the explosion-proof peristaltic pump is a high-end industrial pump with stable performance, high quality, and strong applicability. It has been widely used in many fields such as pharmaceuticals, food, environmental protection and petroleum. If you have a need, Contact us to get the newest inquiry!

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