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Explosion-proof Peristaltic Pump
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DC Brushless Explosion-proof Motor Peristaltic Pump WP100 &WP600

Flow Rate: 12000ml/min

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① Electric explosion-proof: motor explosion-proof level is EXDII-B-T4 Gb. Used in chemical factories. Suitable for other explosive gas environments except coal mines. And the accepted temperature is 135℃. Safer and reliable.

② Motor protection: The motor protection level is IP55. The motor is dust-proof and waterproof.

③ Potquisder speed regulation: the speed adjustment is easier, faster, and the speed regulation range is wider.

④ Flow range: Multi-pump heads can be installed to adapt to multiple hoses.

⑤ Desktop structure: compact structure, convenient operation and use.

⑥ External control can be customized: external control start-stop or input analog. Signal 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, output analog signal 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, alarm output function.



Explosion-proof peristaltic pump are designed to operate in hazardous environments where there is a risk of explosion due to the presence of flammable gases, vapors, or dust. Some applications of explosion-proof peristaltic pumps include:

- Oil and gas industry: They are used for transferring flammable liquids, such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel, and other petroleum products, in refineries, drilling rigs, and storage facilities.

- Chemical industry: These pumps are used for handling and transferring hazardous chemicals, solvents, acids, and corrosive substances in chemical manufacturing plants, laboratories, and storage areas.

- Pharmaceutical industry: They are used for precise and safe dosing of flammable liquids, such as alcohol, solvents, and pharmaceutical ingredients, in the production of drugs and medications.

- Food and beverage industry: They are used for transferring flammable liquids, such as alcohol, spirits, and food-grade solvents, in breweries, distilleries, and food processing plants.

Technical Parameter

Drive ModelWFB100WFB600
Applicable Pump HeadYZ1515/YZ2515/KZ25/YZ35/YZ35-13
Max Speed100rpm600rpm
Motor Parameters80W 2000rpm120W 3000rpm
Gearbox reduction ratio1:201:5
Max flow380ml/min12000ml/min
Output torque8N.m2N.m
Speed regulation methodPotentiometerPotentiometer
Display methodPotentiometerPotentiometer
Operating VoltageAC100-240VAC100-240V
Rated power<80W<120W
Working environmentAmbient temperature 0-40℃, ambient humidity <80%
Drive dimensions456x300x357(mm)
Protection levelIP55(Only motor)
Electric explosion-proof levelEXDII-B-T4 Gb

Pump head ModelHose SpecificationID(mm)Wall thickness (mm)Max Flow(ml/min)Max Speed(rpm)
   YZ1515x13#0.81.642        600









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