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Application of ZS100 Infusion Syringe Pump

Jul. 19, 2023


ZS100 infusion syringe pump supports customized 1/2/4/6/8/10 channels. High-accuracy micro fluid dispensing and filling.

Four working modes

1>Injection mode The syringe pump only performs injection action 

2> Extraction mode The syringe pump only performs the extraction action

3> Injection pumping mode The syringe pump draws the liquid immediately after the injection is completed

4>Draw injection mode After the syringe pump completes the drawing action, it will draw the liquid immediately

Widely used in chemical reaction injection experiments, electrospinning, long-term animal drug injection experiments and other laboratory microinjection experiments.

Electrospinning is a special form of electrostatic atomization of polymer fluids. At this time, the substances split by atomization are not tiny droplets, but tiny jets of polymers, which can run for a long distance and finally solidify into fibers.

Electrospinning is a special fiber manufacturing process in which a polymer solution or melt is jet-spun in a strong electric field. Under the action of an electric field, the droplet at the needle will change from a spherical shape to a conical shape (that is, "Taylor cone"), and fiber filaments will be obtained from the tip of the cone. In this way, polymer filaments with nanoscale diameters can be produced.

Example of a customer injecting medicine into shrimp

Application of  ZS100 Infusion Syringe Pump



1. The syringe pump is composed of a precision motor, a drive unit, a screw, a push block, and a fixed bracket, etc., and can reciprocate.

2. The push block is connected with the plunger of the syringe to push or pull the plunger, so as to achieve high-precision, smooth, and pulse-free liquid delivery.

3. Integrated desktop design, 4.3-inch high-definition color LCD touchscreen display and operation, easy setting of operating parameters, clear operating information and status.

4. Multiple working modes: extraction, injection, injection extraction, extraction injection.

5. The single/double channel platen adopts a rubber body to fix the syringe, and the multi-channel platen adopts a rubber soft edge design. Designed to handle fragile syringes such as glass.

6. The operation structure is newly upgraded, the start and stop are more stable, and the liquid volume is more accurate.

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