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Laboratory Syringe Pump
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ZS100 Laboratory Syringe Pump

Applicable Syringe10μL- 60mL
Flow Range0.001uL/min - 82.6130mL/min
Standard Model1/2/4/10 channel as the standard model. Accepted the customized
ModeInjection and extraction mode
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Introducing our laboratory syringe pump - a versatile and essential tool for precise fluid delivery in scientific research and experimentation. Our syringe pump is designed to offer accurate and controlled injections, ensuring reproducible results and minimizing errors. 

Key features of our laboratory syringe pump include adjustable flow rates, customizable injection volumes, and programmable operation modes. With a user-friendly interface, it allows for easy setup and operation, saving you valuable time and effort in your experiments. Our syringe pump is powered by  AC  sources, providing flexibility and convenience in various laboratory settings. It can be powered directly through a power outlet. This ensures uninterrupted and reliable performance, allowing you to focus on your research without any interruptions. 

Experience the precision and reliability of our laboratory syringe pump and elevate your experimental capabilities. Trust in our commitment to delivering high-quality instruments that meet the rigorous demands of scientific research. Contact us today to learn more about our laboratory syringe pump and how it can enhance your laboratory workflow. Maximize Your Laboratory Efficiency with Our User.

ZS100 Laboratory Syringe Pump

ZS100 is ideal for applications requiring multiple syringes, it can hold up to 10 syringes. It can hold a wide range of syringe sizes to meet most requirements of laboratory applications. The acceptable syringe specification is from 10μL to 60ml. Suitable for high accuracy and small flow rate liquid transferring.

ZS100 syringe infusion pump adopts a 4.3-inch color touch LCD screen which is convenient and quick to set parameters. Multiple indicator lights clearly confirm its working status and it supports a variety of syringe options. Equipped with high-precision control, hardware and software protection mechanisms, and alarm mechanisms. It supports four working modes, such as injection and extraction. Single-channel and multi-channel(4,6,8,10) are available for selection.

Features and Benefits:

Integrated single/dual channel,multi-channel option, suitable for high-precision transferring of small flow

Upgraded operating structure, more stable start and stop, more accurate fluid volume

Multiple function operation, RS485 communication, syringe protection function, user data storage function and calibration function

Broad flow rate range from high to low

Rugged design for long life and reliability

Single/dual channel pressure plate is fixed with rubber body syringe, multi-channel pressure plate with rubber soft edge designed to handle fragile syringes such as glass


The syringe pump is the best solution for micro-fluid transferring. It has high precision control and a wide linear speed range. It can be widely used in

- Chemical reaction injection experiments

- Spinning

- Animal drug injection experiments

- Laboratory micro injection experiments

- peristaltic pump for mouse perfusion

ZS100 Laboratory Syringe Pump

ZS100 Laboratory Syringe Pump

ZS100 Laboratory Syringe Pump

ZS100 Laboratory Syringe Pump

Syringe Pump ModelZS100-1/ZS100-2ZS100-4ZS100-10
Channels1/2 can be customized410(6/8 can be customized)
Flow range0.001uL/min-82.6130mL/min0.001uL/min-20.8223mL/min0.001uL/min-20.8223mL/min
Applicable syringe type10uL- 60mL10uL- 10mL10uL- 60mL
Syringe user settingsCan save 10 sets of custom syringe data,ID, solvent (customized)
Distance per micro-step0.0235736um
Maximum line speed120mm/min
Minimum line speed6.1uL/min
Operating modeInjection,extraction,injection extraction, extraction injection
Linear thrust0-100% adjustable
Maximum pace85333(1/128 step) 30sec
Minimum pace256(1/128 step) 30 sec
Control precisionWhen >30% of full stroke, control error ≤±0.3%
How to setTouch screen + common function keys
Display method4.3-inch color LCD display
Voltage rangeAC 100V -240V
Ambient temperature0-40℃
Drive ModelApplicable Syringe ModelID(mm)Flow range (uL/min- mL/min )



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