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WT600 Peristaltic Pump VS BT600M Peristaltic Pump

Sep. 08, 2023


Similarities between WT600 and BT600M:

The operation methods of WT600 and BT600M are all adjusted by digital knobs. 

The display mode is a 4-digit LED display. The power supply can be selected from 220V or 110V. 

The suitable working environment is 0~40℃. The protection level is IP31.

They all have a power-off memory function. After re-powering, they will work according to the last power-off state. 

All can realize remote control, speed control, start-stop control, and direction control through the DB15 interface on the driver. It has an RS485 communication interface and supports MODBUS communication protocol. 

The protocol can also be customized according to customer requirements.

WT600 Peristaltic Pump VS  BT600M Peristaltic Pump

WT600 Peristaltic Pump VS  BT600M Peristaltic Pump

BT600M Precision Peristaltic Pump

Flow Rate: 0.007-2280mL/min

WT600 DC Brushless Peristaltic Pump

Max flow: 6000mL/min

Differences between WT600 and BT600M:

The speed range of WT600 is 30-600rpm, forward and reverse are reversible. The rotation speed range of BT600M is 0.1-600rpm, which is reversible forward and reverse.

The flow range of WT600 is 2.1-6000ml/min. The flow range of BT600M is 0.0015-2280ml/min.

Advantages of WT600: 

Bidirectional high torque, brushless DC drive, and multiple pump heads can be cascaded to meet different flow requirements. Maintenance-free brushless DC drives last longer. 

Commonly used in monoclonal antibody production, the high-precision transmission of intermediates, and the high-precision transmission of small flow liquids.Mining flotation industry application.

Advantages of BT600M:

bidirectional large torque, stepper motor, and multiple pump heads can be cascaded to meet different flow requirements. High control precision ensures high-precision liquid transmission. 

Commonly used in laboratory use in university research institutes, water treatment sampling, chromatography liquid supply, and cell culture medium filtration.

Advantages of peristaltic pumps:


1. The flow range is wide and adjustable.

2. It has high liquid filling accuracy and stability.

3. The lower shearing effect is more suitable for filling biologically active liquids.

4. When filling the liquid, the liquid only contacts the tube, which eliminates the risk of the pump contaminating the liquid or the liquid contaminating the pump. By choosing a corrosion-resistant tube, it can be used to fill various corrosive liquids. By choosing a wear-resistant soft The tube can be used to fill liquids containing solid particles.

5. The filling system can be expanded to 32 channels and has a suck-back function to prevent dripping.

6. Provide comprehensive solutions through OEM customization. For different liquids, different filling volume requirements and various functional requirements, single peristaltic pump products or peristaltic pump filling systems can be customized by OEM to provide a comprehensive solution.

7. The pump is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

8. The peristaltic pump does not need valves and seals when filling liquid, and will not cause pump damage due to dry operation.

9. Easy and convenient hose replacement, maintenance cost.

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