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Can peristaltic pump transfer a viscous liquid?

Feb. 24, 2023


A peristaltic pump is a precision instrument used to transport or fill liquids. It is usually water or a water-like liquid. However, in the normal viscosity range, a peristaltic pump can also transfer a relatively viscous liquid, such as honey, glycerin, tomato sauce, conditioner, and so on.

As the pictures show, we do tests to prove it. Honey is a relatively viscous liquid that will be more fluid after the heat and deliver more flow. Ketchup and conditioners are relatively viscous and deliver more flow. It is not only the viscosity of the liquid that affects the flow range of the peristaltic pump but also the density range of the liquid. 

Can peristaltic pump transfer a viscous liquid?Can peristaltic pump transfer a viscous liquid?Can peristaltic pump transfer a viscous liquid?

We have tested hundreds of liquids, compared the liquids of different viscosity, and obtained more accurate data. If customers need our peristaltic pump to transfer/fill viscous liquids, we can dock with our business personnel. Look at the data to see if the traffic range meets the customer's requirements.

Of course, the different types of peristaltic pumps are different for different types of pump heads. For example, the YZ2515X pump head is suitable for the transmission and filling of viscous liquids. 

In the below video, we select the BF600FC peristaltic pump used for honey filling.

Peristaltic Pump Transfer Viscous Liquid

Peristaltic pumps are designed to be suitable for abrasive and/or viscous fluids such as suspensions, creams, slurries, lubricants, paints, waste liquids, etc. To maximize pumping efficiency for viscous fluids, follow these steps:

1. Slow down the speed of the pump. When viscosity increases and tubing size decreases, the pump's maximum recommended speed decreases. As a result, operating at lower speeds ensures more consistent pump performance when dealing with viscous fluids.

2. Choose a peristaltic pump tube that is larger than the size required for pumping water.

3. Choose stronge tubing such as Chem-Durance® Bio, Norprene®, PharmaPure®, PharMed® BPT, Tygon® E-LFL, GORE® STA-PURE® Series PCS, or GORE® STA-PURE® Series PFL. The performance will be better because the stronger tubing will quickly return to its original shape after the pump head is clogged to create the suction needed to pump viscous fluids. For L/S® and I/P® sizes, choose High-Performance Precision Tubing - thick wall tube sizes also return to their original shape faster than Precision Tubing. The faster return allows the liquid to be pulled into the tube with greater force.

4. Choose a hose with smooth holes. A smooth hole will minimize friction. BioPharm, BioPharm Plus, Tygon® E-Lab, Tygon® E-LFL, Puri-Flex® or silicone formulations are all good choices. 

5. Reduce the viscosity of the fluid. Heat the fluid at the source or in a dipping bath, if possible. Viscosity generally decreases with increasing temperature, which makes pumping easier if the fluid is not damaged by heat.

Gear pumps are well suited for pumping viscous liquids following the rules

1. If the viscosity is higher than 100 cp, the pump speed (rpm) must be reduced. When pumping viscosities in excess of 100 cp, optimum rotational speed and other operating parameters need to be determined.

2. Suction and discharge lines must be at least one or better two pipe sizes larger than the size of the pump ports.

3. Under the same pressure and flow, the horsepower of the motor must be greater than the power required to pump water.

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