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What is the peristaltic pump suction?

Feb. 24, 2023


Simply, the suction stroke of the pump is the maximum height that automatically draws the water up. The peristaltic pump suction stroke refers to the peristaltic pump suction limit. It refers to the height range from the liquid surface to the hose. The peristaltic pump suction lift limit is not the same depending on the model.

Of course, there will be some exceptions. Some centrifugal pumps do not have the self-priming capability and must be drained for the first time. Some micro-pumps also have the self-priming ability, but the standard "suction stroke" is often different from the "inlet water in the inlet pipe". There is a gap between the vertical height of the pumping water, and maybe even less than half.

Peristaltic pumps use suction in many places during use. Many fluids are not in a horizontal plane during filling or transport and peristaltic pumps. Sometimes the liquid is sucked up from a lower place, sometimes it is sent to a higher place. 

The distance of the suction and the distance sent are called the suction stroke and the lift. In a short distance, the peristaltic pump can draw or convey the liquid more accurately. However, if the height is too high, the liquid will be partially depleted during transportation, which will affect the accuracy of the liquid.

Different distances are also different. If the customer needs to use the suction stroke or the lift during the use of the peristaltic pump, it is best to contact us to ensure that no liquid is consumed or the loss is within a reasonable range.

What is the peristaltic pump suction?

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