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7 Advantages and 2 Disadvantages of Peristaltic Pumps

Feb. 24, 2023


Although the peristaltic pump has not been active in the market for a long time, the development time is very fast. Many industries with liquid transmission needs will want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of peristaltic pumps and whether they are suitable for their own industry. Come down and share it with you.


1.No pollution 

Because of the unique operating characteristics of the peristaltic pump, only the pump tube is in contact with the raw liquid, so the safe and pollution-free transfer process is ensured.

2. Simple operation 

Compared to some other pumps, the operation of the peristaltic pump is very simple, only need to install the pump head and pump tube, and then you can run. 

3. Scope of application 

Because the material of the pump tube is varied, it is applicable to a wide range of industries, and the liquid transmitted may be corrosive or viscous, etc., All of which can be matched with suitable hoses.

4. High stability 

For industries that require the stable transmission of raw liquid, peristaltic pumps are the first choice, such as cosmetics, liquid medicines, etc., of which are peristaltic pumps. 

5. High precision 

The peristaltic pump has a certain degree of transmission accuracy, which is very suitable for filling industries in batches. For example, the nucleic acid reagent industry uses a filling-type peristaltic pump. Of course, if you have high requirements for accuracy, it is recommended here. Injection pump

6. Dry running 

The peristaltic pump can run dry, avoiding accidents in production. 

7. Easy to clean 

The stock solution only touches the hose, so when cleaning, you only need to clean or replace the pump tube, and the operation is very simple.

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1. There is a pulse during the transmission process of the peristaltic pump because the hose is alternately squeezed and released by the rollers, the liquid flows out one by one, and even if the pulsation is reduced by the double rollers, it is difficult to completely avoid, so a peristaltic pump is really not suitable if you cannot tolerate a little pulsation of the fluid being transferred.

2. Hose wears during the operation of the peristaltic pump, the hose must be continuously squeezed by the roller, so the wear of the hose is unavoidable, and the hose needs to be replaced regularly. Of course, compared with other pump maintenance methods, the maintenance method of the peristaltic pump is also relatively simple.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the peristaltic pump. If you have any doubts about the use of the peristaltic pump, you can contact us and we will answer you directly.

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