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Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Sep. 01, 2023


If you want a peristaltic pump to work, in addition to having a peristaltic pump (pump head and driver or motor), you also need to match pump tubes of different materials according to the characteristics of the liquid you want to transmit, and then choose different pumps according to the desired flow rate. Only in this way can the expected effect be achieved, so that the peristaltic pump can better help users and improve work efficiency. Generally speaking, the pump tubes of peristaltic pumps include silicone tubes, rubber tubes, Chemical tubes, PharMed tubes, Tygon, Viton and other materials. The following is a brief introduction to these types of pump tubes.

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1. Silicone tube (platinum vulcanized silicone tube)

Our company's silicone tubes are food-grade silicone tubes, translucent, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, anti-static, non-stick, and dust-proof, with extremely low sediment, the hydrophobic inner surface and ultra-smooth inner wall, which effectively reduces the need for transporting sensitive liquids. At the same time, the adsorption of particulate matter and the accumulation of microorganisms. It has certain wear resistance and can withstand about 30% acid and alkali. It is suitable for the transmission of general liquids, and the price is relatively cheap. If you purchase peristaltic pumps, some pump tubes can be delivered free of charge for customers to use.

Peristaltic Pump Tubing

2. Rubber hose

A-60-F food processing hose can withstand the high temperatures encountered during food and beverage processing, is more durable, and performs better than other food-grade hoses. Even when exposed to high temperatures and ozone, it will not crack or age like traditional rubber hoses. The service life is about 30 times that of ordinary silicone tubes. The hose is very flexible and reusable for high-temperature sterilization. It is resistant to a variety of common disinfectants and cleaners and can be properly steam cleaned without the need for frequent hose replacement.

A-60-G has operational reliability and can withstand a temperature range of -60°C to 135°C, allowing the use of materials with a wide operating temperature range. The hose is heated and sealed and does not require joints, so it has good air tightness. Offers flexural fatigue and high-temperature resistance, as well as excellent resistance to inorganic (acid and alkali) liquids.

3. Chemical tube

Norprene Chemical's corrosion-resistant peristaltic pump tubing is a tooth-yellow food-grade hose with a white translucent lining on the inner wall. The lining is made of corrosion-resistant fluorine material, which has excellent chemical resistance, is resistant to about 98% concentrated sulfuric acid, and has a long service life. It is an ideal choice for transporting highly corrosive fluids such as acids, alkalis, alcohols, and ketones.

4. PharMed tube

PharMed BPT hose has good resistance to general chemicals and excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and oxidants. Can be autoclaved repeatedly and is less permeable to gas and steam than silicone tubing. It is an ideal product for cell culture, fermentation, synthesis, separation, purification and process monitoring and control. Safe for sensitive cell culture.

5. Tygon

Tygon R-3603 laboratory tube is transparent and tough, suitable for almost all inorganic chemicals in the laboratory. Not easily oxidized and polluted. The inner cavity is as smooth as glass, preventing clumping and making cleaning easy. Good air tightness, resistant to high-pressure sterilization.

Tygon 3350 Sanitary Silicone Tubing for high-purity applications features an ultra-smooth lumen that reduces the chance of particle adsorption and microbial build-up when transferring sensitive liquids. Three times smoother than other hoses, smooth fluid channels help clean and disinfect the entire system. Utilizes a platinum vulcanization process that eliminates the extraction problems often encountered with other vulcanization methods.


6. Viton

Viton F-5500-A Hose for strong corrosion resistance, opaque black, hardness 75, resistant to strong acids and alkalis (such as 98% concentrated sulfuric acid), most organic solvents, fuel black can protect sensitive liquids, ozone resistant, yes Ideal peristaltic pump tubing for transporting strong corrosive media.

Peristaltic Pump Tubing

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