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Common Problems with Peristaltic Pumps

Feb. 27, 2023


1. What is a peristaltic pump?

A peristaltic pump is an instrument used to precisely transfer or fill a liquid.

How does the peristaltic pump work?

The pump head of the peristaltic pump is composed of three or more rollers. The pump tube is installed between the roller and the upper pressing block. The motor drives the roller to rotate, and the roller continuously pushes the hose to promote the liquid flow.


2. The role of the peristaltic pump.

In the transfer or filling of various liquids, the liquid is transported through hoses of different materials, and only the pump tube itself is in contact with the liquid, ensuring the accuracy and cleanliness of liquid transport.

3. The advantages of peristaltic pumps.                        

High hygienic level, low shear, high precision, stable performance, and easy operation. Widely used in various industries.

4. The classification of peristaltic pumps:

Machine and OEM/ODM/OCM.

Classified by work mode: transfer and distribution.

Sort by operation: touch screen and knob.

5. Peristaltic pump power supply

Power and battery, both DC and AC.

6. The peristaltic pump can replace the peristaltic pump head.

A drive can work with several different pump heads, or it can cascade the pump head. If necessary, customers should contact sales in advance to sell the appropriate drive.

7. Selection of pump tube First confirm the customer's flow requirements/pressure requirements / liquid viscosity and corrosion. Then select the appropriate pump tube and pump head according to the specific use

8. How long can I work continuously?

The pump tube is a consumable item, and the standard hose is generally a silicone tube. Under normal temperature and pressure, the rotation speed is 50 rpm, continuous extrusion for 24 hours, and the life of the pump tube is 1000 hours.


9. For some viscous high-density liquids, the greater the rotational speed, the greater the flow rate.


10. The principle of the peristaltic pump is that the roller squeezes the pump tube, so in order to extend the service life of the pump tube, the position of the pump tube in the pump head can be changed after a period of time.


11. Peristaltic pump is not suitable for all silicone tubes, to choose a specific peristaltic pump tube, the pump tube has a service life.


12. The peristaltic pump has a calibration function. If the amount of liquid transported is found to be inaccurate, the flow can be corrected by calibration.

13. Filling needles and check valves all have the function of preventing liquid backflow.

14. The inlet end of the pump tube must not suck the bottom suction wall, which will affect the liquid flow.


15. The direction can be changed when the liquid is transferred. However, if the filling needle and the check valve are installed, the liquid flow direction cannot be changed arbitrarily, and it needs to be removed before changing.


16. Can be controlled by external control, start and stop, and speed, when selecting an external control to control a unit, the operation of the peristaltic pump is not effective.


17. The peristaltic pump on the touch screen operation has a lock screen button. After clicking, the touchscreen interface will not operate unless unlocked.

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