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YZ35-13L Peristaltic Pump Head Large Flow 12000ml/min.

YZ35-13L Peristaltic Pump Head is designed for large flow industrial applications. 

Suitable for 73# and 82# peristaltic pump tubing. 

The max flow rate is 12000ml/min. 

Easy load peristaltic pump head.  

3 stainless steel rollers and variable speed. Cheap price.

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YZ35-13L peristaltic pump heads are designed for large flows of 12000ml/min. It is an easy-load peristaltic pump head. Easy to operate, you can easily install the tube through the spanner lever. The rollers are made of stainless steel, which is wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant has a long service life, and can meet different working requirements. The shell of pump heads are made of PPS. Suitable for tubing: 73# and 82#. Support double-head peristaltic pump. Adjust the knob to control the pressure the between tubing and rollers.


- Adjust knob: Adjust the knob to control the pressure the between tubing and rollers.

- Solid shell, made of PPS and Stainless steel rollers, sturdy and durable.

- Peristaltic pump tubing protection: the inlet and outlet are equipped with a pump tube soft sleeve, effectively extending the lifespan of the pump tube.

- Support multi-channel peristaltic pump head

- Suitable for peristaltic pump tubing: 73# with max 7400ml/min flow rate.  and 82# with max 12000ml/min flow rate.

- Match with stepper motor, DC motor, and AC motor. Customized OEM peristaltic pumps with different types of motors and integrated into liquid conveying equipment. 

Pump HeadRollersRollers MaterialHousing Material/ColorSuitable TubeMax Speed(rpm)Max Flow (min/min)
YZ35-13L3Stainless steelPPS (black)72#/ 83#60012000

Peristaltic Pump Head Flow Rate Table : 

Pump HeadTubeID*Wall thickness(mm)Max Speed (rpm)Max Flow (ml/min)

YZ35-13L Peristaltic Pump Head Large Flow 12000ml/min.







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