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Peristaltic Pump Head
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YZ1515x / YZ2515x Peristaltic Pump Head

ModelYZ1515x /YZ2515x pump head
Max Flow0.007~2280ml/min 0.17~1740ml/min
Max Speed600rpm

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YZ1515x and YZ2515x peristaltic pump heads are the most commonly used pump head models. The white pump head is made of PESU. PESU's chemical name is polyethersulfone, which can be repeatedly disinfected, does not produce harmful components, has high stability, and is not easily deformed. The black pump head is made of PPS. The PPS chemical name is polyphenylene sulfide. It has good rigidity, good chemical stability, excellent flame retardancy, non-combustible plastic, and corrosion resistance.

Features and Benefits:

Pump Housing Material: PPS/PESU

Easy and fast tube installation

Automatic tubing retention

Suitable for several tubing sizes

The rollers adopt high-quality materials and have good wearing property

Noted: This pump head series also accept customized for roller number 3 /4/6. more rollers with less pulse and low flow.


The typical application of the YZ15x series peristaltic pump head:

- Online monitoring, the waste liquid discharge

- Vending machine

- Self-service laundry room



Pump HeadTubeIDWall ThicknessMax SpeedMax Flow


1)The inner diameter of the hose determines the flow rate; the wall thickness affects the ability of the hose to be compressed and rebounded, which also has a large effect on the life of the hose.

2)The test environment for flow data is normal temperature and pressure, and the test fluid is water. The values are for reference only, please refer to the actual situation.





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