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Essential oil / Perfume Filling Peristaltic Pump


A peristaltic pump, as known as the tube pump, is the best solution for accurate quantitative liquid filling. As we know, no matter essential oil or perfume contains viscous and oily ingredients. They are hardly handled. Meanwhile, when the metering or filling process, needs high hygiene standards. Lastly, perfume filling requires high-precision dosing.


Peristaltic Pump solves the essential oil or perfume filling problem

The peristaltic pump is the best selection for meeting the requirements of perfume filling. It has the advantages as following:

▪Peristaltic pump supports quantitative, timing, and interval control. Easy to operate.

▪No cross-contamination, the perfume only touches the inner of the tube, so no pollution.

▪Durable and stable flow, low maintenance. Just need to replace the tube.▪

▪Various sizes of peristaltic pump tubing and needle.

▪The back-suction function of the peristaltic pump can ensure the filling accuracy.

▪Peristaltic pumps are suited to be integrated into the filling machine lines.

▪High-precision dosing. By setting a defined volume, the peristaltic pump can be used for different shapes of bottles of perfume.

▪Continuous working, compact size, save space.

▪Compared with the installation of large-scale production lines, it is cost-effective and ensures the filling effect.


Chonry peristaltic pump supplier recommends two types of machines for perfume filling. Please feel free to contact us to get more information!

Essential oil / Perfume Filling Peristaltic PumpEssential oil / Perfume Filling Peristaltic Pump

BT600LC Filling Peristaltic Pump

This peristaltic pump has four working models: transferring, quantitative, timing and timed quantitative. The max flow rate is 2280ml/min. Support RS485/MODBUS communication protocol.

UTF01 Peristaltic Pump Filling System

Standard 4 channels, can be expanded up to 32 channels by stacking installation. Easy to operate. Save cost for multi-channel filling. 


Cement grinding aid transfer peristaltic pump


Peristaltic Pump Is Used in Ceramic Slurry Pumping
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