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Cement grinding aid transfer peristaltic pump


Cement grinding aid is a chemical additive that improves the grinding effect and performance of cement grinding. It can significantly increase the output of cement platform, the strength of cement at various ages, and improve its fluidity. The cement grinding aid can greatly reduce the phenomenon of electrostatic adsorption ball formation formed during the grinding process and can reduce the re-agglomeration tendency of the ultrafine particles formed during the grinding process. The cement grinding aid can also significantly improve the fluidity of the cement, improve the grinding effect of the mill, and the powder selection efficiency of the classifier, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the grinding. The cement produced by the grinding aid has a lower tendency of compaction and coalescence, which is beneficial to the loading and unloading of the cement and can reduce the wall-hanging phenomenon of cement storage. As a chemical additive, grinding aids can improve the distribution of cement particles and stimulate hydration power, thereby improving the early strength and late strength of cement.

Liquid cement grinding aid component

The components of liquid cement grinding aids are often: liquid grinding aid mother liquor, triethanolamine, polymeric polyol, polymeric alcohol amine, triisopropanolamine, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, glycerol, sodium fatty acid, and calcium chloride. , sodium chloride, sodium acetate, aluminum sulfate, calcium formate, wood calcium, sodium and the like.


Our peristaltic pump is usually used for liquid cement grinding aid transfer. We always suggest the pump depends on our customer's cement grinding aid's add amount, then introduce the suitable pump.


The most popular model is  :

BT100M/YZ2515x  BT300M/YZ2515x BT600M/YZ1515x   WT600/KZ25 ZT600SN/KZ25  ZG600/YZ35-13 BT600-S/YZ35-13 ETC .



12 Liters/min Digital industrial peristaltic pump for cement grinding aid  -  BG600-S

This peristaltic pump can be installed by YZ35  YZ35-13, pump heads, with a flow rate from 0.13-12000 ml/min. Flow speeds can be adjusted either by hand through switching knobs, instead of the traditional way of membrane keypad, which reduces obviously the failure rate, or by automatic control through the external controller interface, with three available modes: 0-5V, 0-10V and 4-20mA. Memory function is also available in the product in case of power off. Besides, switching knobs are designed clearly so that it is easy to operate for customers.

Cement grinding aid transfer peristaltic pump


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