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Peristaltic pump is used for endoscopic flushing pump

Jun. 06, 2023


Peristaltic pump is used for endoscopic flushing pump

Peristaltic pump because of their powerful practicality and wide application field, in all walks of life in the fluid treatment has excellent performance, the most well-known including water treatment, food packaging, chemical production, experimental research, as well as closely related to life preparation production, medical equipment.

At the same time, with the continuous development of the current medical level, a peristaltic pump is used more and more as an important supporting part of medical equipment and diagnostic detector. Including automatic dispensing, intestinal perfusion, in vitro diagnosis, hemodialysis, tumor resection and so on.

In endoscopic surgery, the peristaltic pump can be directly used in an endoscopic water delivery device and operated as a medical endoscope flushing pump. Through precise transmission function, sterile liquid/normal saline/corresponding drug solution is delivered to an endoscope to flush mucosal surface and wound, so as to assist endoscopic diagnosis and treatment and promote the smooth completion of surgery.

There are two words closely related to medical treatment, one is hygiene, and the other is safety. No matter whether it is all kinds of drugs in the mouth or tests in vitro, hygiene and safety must be the primary factors. The peristaltic pump can completely meet the above two requirements in the treatment of liquid.

1. Simple operation and no cross contamination

In the process of operation, except for the liquid container, the entire fluid channel (peristaltic pump hose) has no contact parts and can be directly transported to the target point. The liquid only contacts with the hose, and meets the high hygienic standards of medical and food grade. The flushing system is completely sealed, which can effectively avoid cross-contamination.

2. Stable operation, accurate and safe liquid transportation

The peristaltic pump runs smoothly and is not easy to be damaged. It only needs regular replacement of the hose for follow-up maintenance. A peristaltic pump, also known as a precision pump, can accurately control liquid flow (timing, quantification, timing & quantification).

Of course, in addition to safety and sanitation, a peristaltic pump has many advantages in the practical operation of an endoscopic flushing pump:

The pump head is removable and easy to install; The working principle is power transmission under vacuum suction, and the shearing force is small, which is suitable for sensitive liquid medicine. Flow adjustable, different use requirements can set different flow standards; Support foot switch control start and stop, free hands to work flexibly; Power off memory function, commonly used flow memory function, improve the simplicity of work.

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