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Peristaltic Pumps Used for Water Treatment


When environmental protection is increasingly valued by people, more and more fields start to pay attention to environmental protection, no matter in production or life, and make countermeasures for it. Professional and efficient treatment methods are required for waste materials, wastewater, and waste gas.

Peristaltic pump plays a key role in the process of wastewater treatment, disposal, and recycling for water treatment metering, and transfer. Safe, accurate, and efficient chemical dosage and transport are the objectives of each sewage treatment operation, which requires the design of pumps that can be used to handle the most demanding applications.

Why use the peristaltic pump for water treatment?

Material Incompatibility

No matter the polluted industrial wastewater is discharged from the factory through treatment operation or recycled, there must be a cleaning link. Normally, the cleaning process involves the use of abrasives, and corrosive or toxic chemicals, which can damage the pump assembly if they are materially incompatible.

In the case of material incompatibility, the best pumping technique (peristaltic pump) is to make the parts in contact with the cleaning fluid less vulnerable to abrasives or corrosive chemicals.

Product Control

This is closely related to the compatibility of materials. The integrity of the contact parts is damaged by chemical substances, which leads to the formation of the leakage path. If the leaked liquid poses a danger or danger to human beings and the environment, production, and life will be affected.

Particle Size

Not only chemicals, but many different kinds of substances can cause water pollution. Silt and fine pollutant particles are one of the main reasons that cause the pump to stop running.

And these water treatment problems and peristaltic pumps can be solved one by one.

The Advantages of Peristaltic Pumps

1. Precise fluid delivery: Peristaltic pumps offer precise and accurate fluid delivery. This is because the flow rate is determined by the speed of the motor and the diameter of the tubing, making it easy to control the flow rate.

2. Gentle fluid handling: Peristaltic pumps are gentle on the fluid being pumped. The fluid is never in contact with the pump mechanism, which prevents the fluid from being contaminated or damaged.

3. Low maintenance: Peristaltic pumps have fewer moving parts, which means they require less maintenance than other types of pumps. The tubing is the only component that needs to be replaced periodically, and this is a simple and quick process.

4. Versatility: Peristaltic pumps can handle a wide range of fluids, including viscous, abrasive, and shear-sensitive fluids. They can also be used for pumping gases, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

5. Easy to clean: Peristaltic pumps are easy to clean, as the fluid only comes into contact with the tubing. This makes them ideal for applications that require frequent cleaning, such as in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

6. No contamination: Peristaltic pumps do not have any seals or valves that can leak or contaminate the fluid being pumped. This makes them ideal for pumping sensitive fluids, such as those used in medical or laboratory applications.

Which kind of peristaltic metering pumps are applied to water treatment?

Chonry is the leading peristaltic metering pump manufacturer with 12-year experience. We provide various speed flows of peristaltic pumps. Now we would like to recommend you two types pumps for water treatment.

- SC600 Handle Water Sampling Peristaltic Pump 

Chonry SC600 handle water sampling pump is applied for groundwater tests and stratified water quality. Compact in size and an easy-to-carry case. Various liquids can be transferred. Reversible forward and reverse.Standard 2 batteries, rechargeable batteries, satisfy indoor and outdoor applications.

- BT300M Mid Flow Peristaltic Pump

BT300M is a type of mid-flow peristaltic pump. The flow rate range is from 0.007 to 1440mL/min. It is the best solution for medical liquids and chemical metering. Self-primming and compact size. Various pump heads such as YZ series, DG series and TX series can be installed.


Peristaltic Pump Applied in Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer for Wastewater
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