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Customer Case| Peristaltic Pump Applied in Mining Industry

May. 19, 2023


Customer Case| Mining Industry

Metal smelting is the process of extracting elemental metal from ore. Except for physical methods, metal smelting is a process that transforms the metal from a combined state to a free state. Most metals are extracted chemically. The essence of smelting these metals is to use reducing agents to cause the ore to undergo a reduction reaction.

The main function of the peristaltic pump is to inject reagents such as reducing agents. It has the following advantages:

1. High precision: The required reagent volume can be set to ensure the accuracy of the reagent injected, and the calibration function can increase the accuracy of the reagent.

2. Low shear force: suitable for conveying shear-sensitive liquids without destroying reagents.

3. No pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump tube, not the pump body.

4. Convenient maintenance: no need to disassemble and flush, only need to replace the peristaltic pump tube.

5. Good air-tightness: It has good self-priming ability and can be idling to prevent backflow.

The application of peristaltic pumps in the mining industry is mainly used to slurry materials, such as coal slime, ore slurry, tailings, etc. Its advantage is that it can transport high-concentration and high-viscosity materials, and at the same time, it can realize accurate metering and flow control. Today we would like to share a customer case of a peristaltic pump applied in the mining industry.

Customer Requirements:

- The mining and metallurgy company needs to add a mixture of 30% powder and 70% water into the reaction pool at a constant speed.

-The liquid has a certain viscosity, and the maximum flow rate can reach 8L/min.

-The start, stop and speed of the pump can be controlled using the central control system.

- Need a longer lifetime tube

Chonry Solution

1. Considering that the liquid is a mixture of solid and water, a hose pump with a thicker wall thickness is recommended

2. The maximum flow rate required by customers is 8L/min, so Chonry industrial peristaltic pump BG600-S is recommended

3. External control and full control, you can use the central control system or PLC to directly control the belt speed, direction and start and stop of the pump through analog or rs485.

4. The hose of the pump can be equipped with the originally imported hose, and the continuous service life is more than 2000 hours.

Customer Case| Mining Industry

Why choose the BG600-S peristaltic pumps used for the mining industry? 

1. The BG600-S product is driven by a servo motor with a resolution of 0.1rpm and a rotation speed of 0.1-600rpm, which effectively improves the accuracy of liquid transmission. At present, most of the same series of products in the industry have a resolution of 1rpm and a rotation speed of 30-600rpm.

For example, if we use our product, if the initial volume is 500ml/min, each additional level is 501.3ml/min, 502.6ml/min...... If we use a 1rpm product, the incremental volume becomes 513ml /min, 526ml/min.

2. Avoid cross-contamination of the fluid during the transfer. When transmitting the fluid, the fluid only contacts with the hose, effectively avoiding the liquid from clogging the pump body, and the liquid with particles can be output smoothly.

3. The pump head is made of high-strength stainless steel, which can resist more than 90% acid, alkali and most organic solvents. Users no longer worry about maintenance costs after the liquid corrodes the pump head.

4. Easily complete the liquid transfer process containing crystallization/coagulum, the soft particle size is <25%*ID (tube diameter) and the hard particle size is <5%*ID (tube diameter).

5. The laboratory automatic control system can be integrated with other laboratory equipment. The peristaltic pump has a variety of control methods, and the operating state of the pump can be controlled through RS485 communication control or analog signal control, so it can be integrated with other equipment in the laboratory for automatic control. The control system automatically completes the fluid transfer function according to the system settings.

6. The BG600-S industrial peristaltic pump is easy to operate and easy to maintain. Peristaltic pumps transfer fluids without valves and seals and without the risk of pump damage due to dry running. Simple and convenient hose or syringe replacement, low maintenance costs.

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