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UTF04 Filling System Machine Servo Motor

Max Flow12000mL/min
Max Speed600rpm
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UTF04 is an intelligent filling system peristaltic pump independently developed by Chonry Pump Industry. The UTF04 dispensing filling system adopts a servo motor.  Stable flow rate. The standard drive unit of the system is 4 channels (2 3 4 5 6) optional and can be expanded to 32 channels at most. It can install various pump heads such as YZ35, YZ35-13, etc., and adapt to various specifications of hoses, providing customers with a variety of choices to meet a variety of applications. The main controller adopts a 7-inch or 10-inch industrial touch screen, the operation is simple, clear, and easy to use, and the functions are rich and easy to use.

Features and Benefits

Adopt a 7-inches or 10-inches industrial touch screen, easy to operate

Support RS485/Modbus communication protocol, which can be used according to customized upon request

One key full speed, realize quickly filling or emptying the tube

Stainless steel housing, adopts  stainless steel shell, high strength and corrosion resistant

The transfer direction is controllable, meets more requirements

Various pump heads such as YZ35 and YZ35-13 can be installed


The UTF04 peristaltic pump filling system can handle the transfer and production filling of a variety of liquids:

- Food (e.g. pizza sauce dispensing)

- Beverage supply equipment(e.g. juice,milk production)

- Pharmaceutical production

- Chemical

- Cosmetic dispensing

UTF04 Filling Pump Head Parameter Table

ModelDisplay MethodControlFilling AccuracyControl ModeFine-tumingRangeMax SpeedMax FlowPump HeadWeight
UTF047 inches/10 inchesIndustrial touch screen+4-digit LED digital displaySub-control /Central control<±2%Offline Mode/Online mode80%-120%600rpm12000mL/minYZ35
Master-1.35Single groupsystem -43

Filling Application and Performance Index

Filling volume0.1mL-9999.99mL/timeDisplay adjustment resolution: 0.01mL
Filling time0.1-9999.9s/timeDisplay adjustment resolution: 0.1s
Intervals0.2-9999.9s/timeDisplay adjustment resolution: 0.1s
Filling times0-9999 times"0" means infinite loop
Suction angle0-7200°Display adjustment resolution: 1°
Suction speed0-300rpmDisplay adjustment resolution: 1rpm
Suction back delay0s-60sDisplay adjustment resolution: 0.1s
Channels4 channels/unit (standard)2 3 4 5 6 channels/unit (optional)Expandable up to 32 channels
Pump HeadTubeID(mm)Wall Thickness(mm)Max Flow(ml/min)Max Speed(rpm)

Note: The test environment for flow data is normal temperature and pressure, and the test fluid is water. The values are for reference only, please refer to the actual situation.




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