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IE Expo China 2024 | Chonry Peristaltic Pumps

Jul. 24, 2023



The 24th China IE Expo will be successfully held on April 19-21, 2023 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.  As China's environmental protection industry enters a period of high-quality development, the 24th China International Expo also set a record for the largest scale in history. The three-day exhibition ushered in 2,407 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions around the world. For the first time, all 17 exhibition halls of the Shanghai New International Expo Center were used. With an exhibition area of 196,000 square meters, it fully presented water and sewage treatment, water supply and drainage, solid waste treatment and disposal, air pollution control, polluted site restoration, environmental monitoring, etc. Coordinated pollution reduction and carbon reduction governance solutions and cutting-edge scientific and technological products in the entire industrial chain, attracted a total of 91,007 professional visitors from 68 countries and regions to visit and negotiate, becoming a booster of A "strong engine" for high-quality change in the industry.

With good stability and reliability, Chonry peristaltic pump plays an important role in sewage treatment. It is mainly used to transport wastewater (sludge, sediment, etc.) According to the application scenarios and usage requirements of various water environment quality monitoring equipment, Chonry peristaltic pumps are used as supporting products for the transfer of nutrient solutions and standard solutions, the sampling of water samples, and the filling and mixing of chemicals, oxidants, and catalysts in water. In these applications, the efficient flow control and reliable delivery performance of Chonry products play an important role, providing stable technical support for water environment quality testing.

Handle Water Sampling Peristaltic Pump SC600 is applied for groundwater tests and stratified water quality. Compact in size and an easy-to-carry case. Various liquids can be transferred. Reversible forward and reverse.


FC series peristaltic pumps adopt a 3.5-inch screen displaying the flow rate and running state with high accuracy. It is equipped with power-off memory that returns to the previous state when power on. And flow rate calibration function. FC series peristaltic pump has the dispensing and transferring of two working models.

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