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Handle Water Sampling Peristaltic Pump SC600

Chonry SC600 handle water sampling pump is applied for groundwater tests and stratified water quality. Compact in size and an easy-to-carry case. Various liquids can be transferred. Reversible forward and reverse.

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Chonry SC600 pump is a handle water sampling peristaltic pump that is used for environmental water tests, river water sampling, stratified water quality, and well purging. It is a type of portable peristaltic pump. It supports the replaceable rechargeable meet outdoor and indoor applications. Chonry SC600 water sampling pump transfers the various liquids and speed control from low to high. The maximum lift of groundwater sampling is around 8m at sea level.

Features and Benefits

Small size and lightweight, easy to carry case

Powerful motor, adjustable high and low speed to meet different work needs

Reversible forward and reverse 

Adapt to multiple pump heads such as YZ series, and suitable for various pump tubing 

Suitable for various liquids, viscosity liquids, suspended liquids

Samples from depths of up to 26.25 ft (8 m)

Standard 2 batteries, rechargeable batteries, satisfy indoor and outdoor applications.

Portable peristaltic pump


Chonry SC600 water sampling peristaltic pump is widely applied to

- Environmental water test

- Sewage treatment

- Stratified water quality sampling

- Sampling of the suspended liquid containing tiny particles

Sampling Pump ModelSC600
Max Speed1500rpm(reversible)
Max Flow3900mL/min
Suction Lift8m (the medium is water, the suction below the water surface is not counted)
Working EnvironmentOutdoor, indoor
VoltageDC10.8V rechargeable battery
Battery Life20-30min (the specific time varies according to different pump heads/hose)
Total Weight1.55kg (only body and pump head)
Protection classIP32

Pump HeadGearMax Speed13#(0.8*1.6)14#(1.6*1.6)19#(2.4*1.6)16#(3.1*1.6)25#(4.8*1.6)17#(6.4*1.6)18#(7.9*1.6)
 YZ1515xFirst Gear0-400rpm149120536378213021861
Second Gear0-1500rpm502986021094200337133900
Pump HeadGearMax Speed15#(4.8*2.4)24#(6.4*2.4)
 YZ2515xFirst Gear0-400rpm5822047
Second Gear0-1500rpm11703500



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