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Peristaltic Pump Applied in Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer for Wastewater


Ammonia nitrogen in water refers to nitrogen in the form of free nitrogen, which mainly comes from the decomposition products of nitrogen-containing organic matter in domestic sewage under the action of microorganisms, industrial wastewater such as coking ammonia, and farmland drainage. The ammonia nitrogen online analyzer is used to determine the content of ammonia and ammonium salts in sewage, surface water and municipal water, and can also be used for the determination of nitrogen compounds such as nitrate nitrogen, total nitrogen and organic nitrogen.

Peristaltic pumps are commonly used in various industries and applications, including in the Ammonia Nitrogen Detector. Here are some uses of peristaltic pumps in this context:

1. Sample introduction: Peristaltic pumps are used to introduce the sample into the Ammonia Nitrogen Detector. The pump's gentle squeezing action ensures accurate and consistent sample flow without any contamination or damage to the sensitive detector components. 

2. Reagent delivery: Peristaltic pumps can be used to deliver reagents required for the detection process. These pumps offer precise control over the flow rate, ensuring accurate and consistent delivery of reagents to achieve reliable and repeatable results.

3. Waste removal: Peristaltic pumps can be employed to remove waste generated during the detection process. They can efficiently pump out the waste material, preventing any buildup or blockage in the system and maintaining the detector's performance.

4. Calibration solution delivery: Peristaltic pumps are used to deliver calibration solutions to calibrate the Ammonia Nitrogen Detector. These pumps ensure accurate and controlled delivery of the calibration solutions, allowing for precise calibration and accurate measurement of ammonia nitrogen levels.

5. Maintenance and cleaning: Peristaltic pumps can also be used for maintenance and cleaning purposes in the Ammonia Nitrogen Detector. They can be employed to flush the system with cleaning solutions or to circulate cleaning agents through the detector's components, ensuring proper maintenance and extending the detector's lifespan.

The peristaltic pump is used to inject the test sample and reagent, the remaining liquid is also discharged by the peristaltic pump. Overall, peristaltic pumps play a crucial role in the proper functioning of Ammonia Nitrogen Detectors, ensuring accurate sample introduction, reagent delivery, waste removal, calibration, and maintenance of the detector system.


Ø Convenient maintenance: the tube can be replaced, and it can be switched from one liquid to another in the shortest time, there is no need to disassemble and flush, just replace the peristaltic pump tube.

Ø High precision: the scale function guarantees the filling accuracy of each injection, and the suction function prevents liquid backflow.

Ø No pollution: the fluid only contacts the pump tube.

Ø Good sealing: It has good self-priming ability, and can be idling to prevent backflow.

Low shear force: suitable for conveying shear-sensitive and corrosive fluids


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