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Peristaltic Pump Used in Flue Gas Analysis


Flue gas usually contains O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, NH3, and other flue gases. The flue gas analyzer is equipped with a high-power Peltier gas cooler and a hydrophobic peristaltic pump for electronic detection of condensate. When the emission limit is reached, the peristaltic pump automatically starts to discharge condensed water, which is very suitable for wet flue gas monitoring and analysis. (Peltier effect means that when a current passes through a circuit composed of different conductors, in addition to generating irreversible Joule heat, heat absorption, and heat dissipation will occur at the joints of different conductors with different current directions.)

The automatic flue gas monitoring system needs to condense the flue gas before it enters the gas analyzer, separate the gas from the water, and discharge the condensed water through a peristaltic pump. This prevents corrosion of the gas analyzer and many components caused by excessive humidity in the flue gas.

Gas monitoring needs to strictly guarantee the tightness of the monitoring system. Therefore, the condensate drainage system is required to have good sealing performance to prevent outside air from entering the condenser through the drainage system and affecting the gas composition of the sample.

The chemical composition of the condensate is complex and corrosive. When the pre-sampled gas is not well filtered, the condensate also contains solid particles. Therefore, condensate drainage systems are required to have good corrosion resistance and be suitable for abrasive fluids.


1. It has good air tightness, no need for valves and seals, and no liquid backflow and siphon. Even when the pump is not running, the hose will be squeezed to seal well, preventing outside air from entering the condenser through the drain system and affecting the gas analysis results.

2. When transferring fluid, the fluid is only in contact with the inner cavity of the hose. Selecting a suitable corrosion-resistant material hose can be used to transfer corrosive condensed water for a long time.

3. With low shearing force, when transferring the fluid containing solid particles, there will be no problem with sticking and blocking, and it will not affect the service life of the pump.

4. It has a strong self-priming ability, and the pump can run dry without any damage, which can effectively discharge condensed water and reduce maintenance costs.

Recommended Products: OEM205/TH15 WP200


Max Flow: 270 ml/min


Max Flow: 420ml/min

Peristaltic Pump Used in Flue Gas AnalysisPeristaltic Pump Used in Flue Gas Analysis


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