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Chonry O (≤6000mL/min)
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OI102P Peristaltic Pump for Calcium Reactor

Flow Rate: 0.0015~760mL/min

  • Adopts stepper motor, supports multi-channel

  • Peristaltic Pump for Calcium Reactor. Precision liquid flow rate control. 

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OI102Pperistaltic pump for calcium reactor. OI102P peristaltic tubing pumps have three working models- liquid transfer, dispensing filling, and timed filling. Color screen intuitive display. Easy knob operation. Convenience. Long lifespan. It supports the precision micro fluid transfer and automatically records the current data for subsequent automatic dispensing filling. Various pump heads are loaded, such as the YZ series and DG series. The flow rate range of OP102 is 0.0015~760mL/min. Support the RS485MODBUS communication protocol, analog control, and foot pedal control.


Stainless steel shell, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy to clean.IP31 protection.

Support multi-working models, liquid transfer, filling, and timed filling.

Multi-pump heads to choose from, meeting different flow rate requirements. It loads with YZ, TX, and DG pump heads.

Stepper motor, stable flow, support multi-channel 

Support RS485/MODBUS communication protocol, analog control, foot switch control

When the parameters of filling volume and filling time are ambiguous, the filling can be started and stopped manually after the filling is in place and the peristaltic pump automatically The current data is recorded for subsequent automatic production.


OI102P Peristaltic pump can use in chemical, mineral processing, photovoltaic, laboratory, etc. industries, filling of various liquids.

OI102P Peristaltic Pump for Calcium Reactor

Drive ModelOI102P
Max Speed100rpm(reversible)
Max Flow760mL/min
Speed resolution0.1rpm
Adjust speedDigital knob + button to adjust the speed
Display methodColor display showing the current working status
Suction angle0° - 3600° (0° for no reabsorption)
Suction speed0-300rpm
Power supplyAC 100-240V
Power frequency50Hz/60Hz
External control methodInputs: Start/stop control/direction control/speed control (0-5V, 0-10V, 0-10Khz, 4-20mA optional)  RS485 serial communication
Output: Start/stop/direction/analog (0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-10Khz)
Drive size218.5×142×235.2(mm)
Protection gradeIP31(Indoor use, avoid long-term exposure to UV rays)

ModelPump HeadMax Speed(rpm)Max Flow(mL/min)
            OI102PYZ1515X 1007275182170290380


YZ25m 100170290380500



DG 100(6)26193624




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