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Peristaltic Pumps Lend Disinfectant Filling Helping Hands


As winter approaches, respiratory diseases increase, and the demand for disinfection chemicals surges. To ensure normal supply to the market, disinfectant manufacturers are racing against time to expedite production. The application of high-tech equipment such as fully automatic disinfectant-filling machines and sterile liquid-filling production lines has greatly reduced production pressure. Peristaltic pumps used in full automatic filling and capping machines achieve the perfect combination of high precision, consistency, and reliability. Peristaltic filling machine lends disinfectant filling helping hands featuring no containmatain, precision flow control, and easy operation.

Customers Information:

Clients: The manufacturer of disinfectant

Applications: Filling of chlorine-containing disinfectant

Customers Demand:

- The filling capacity of a single bottle of disinfectant is 20mL, and the filling accuracy requirement is ±2%.

- Filling output: 15,000 bottles/hour

- The stand-alone operation of the filling system can be controlled through the foot switch, or the automatic operation of the filling system can be controlled through online signals.

- Meet the sterility requirements of the production process

- The equipment is simple to operate and maintain.

Chonry Solutions:

We recommend the UTF01 Peristaltic filling machine.

Select 3 sets of UTF01 peristaltic filling system (4 channels for each set). Choose the YZ1515X and peristaltic pump tube 25#.

UTF01 Peristaltic filling system consists of intelligent peristaltic pumps and a main controller. It can be expanded to 32 channels at most. The controller is used to set parameters and system control. 12 set channels realize filling together which improves the working efficiency greatly.

Peristaltic Pumps Pend Disinfectant Filling Helping Hands


1. When the peristaltic pump is filling liquid, the liquid only contacts the inner wall of the tube. By selecting a sterilized hose, the sterility requirements of the filling production line can be met;

2. The UTF01 peristaltic pump filling system provides multiple channels for synchronous operation, and can expand the number of channels through the stacked installation of multiple systems to meet customers' filling output requirements and help customers improve filling efficiency;

3. Each channel of the UTF01 peristaltic pump filling system independently calibrates the filling liquid volume to meet the customer's filling accuracy requirements (error ≤ ±2%);

4. The UTF01 peristaltic pump filling system can accept the filling machine start signal and bottle shortage stop signal, which facilitates system integration and realizes online automatic operation;

5. The UTF01 peristaltic pump filling system can control a filling operation through a foot switch to achieve stand-alone operation;

6. UTF011 controller adopts touch screen control mode, with simple and intuitive parameter setting and easy operation;

7. The UTF01 controller provides a filling parameter scheme function, which can save a variety of filling parameters and facilitate direct call of parameters.


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