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Liposuction Peristaltic Pump


Tumescent anesthesia is the most effective and most commonly used medical technique for liposuction. Tumescent Anesthesia, also known as Tumescent technique, is a method of local anesthesia. 

The definition of swollen anesthesia is to infiltrate into subcutaneous adipose tissue by ultra-low concentration, high-dose, large-volume local anesthetic (currently used lidocaine) as an anesthetic method for liposuction.

Tumescent anesthesia was first proposed by klein in 1987. It is also called “over-perfusion anesthesia”. Peristaltic pumps commonly are used in liposuction featuring high accuracy, no pollution and easy operation. A large amount of solution containing adrenal and lidocaine is stably perfused into the skin through a peristaltic pump, causing edema and cell tissue gap in the subcutaneous tissue and its structure. The 

small blood vessels are separated and pressed to be locked, thereby achieving the effects of local anesthesia, pain relief, hemostasis, and tissue separation. Swollen anesthesia can be used as a separate local anesthesia or combined with general anesthesia or regional anesthesia.

What are the advantages of a peristaltic pump applied in liposuction?

1. Precise control: Peristaltic pumps provide precise control over the amount of fluid being infused and suctioned out during the liposuction procedure. This helps to ensure that the procedure is performed accurately and safely.

2. Minimal tissue damage: The gentle suction action of the peristaltic pump causes minimal damage to the surrounding tissue, reducing the risk of bruising and swelling.

3. Consistent suction: The peristaltic pump provides consistent suction throughout the procedure, ensuring that the surgeon can work efficiently and effectively.

4. Reduced risk of contamination: Peristaltic pumps are designed to prevent contamination of the fluid being infused into the body, reducing the risk of infection.

5. Easy to use: Peristaltic pumps are easy to use and require minimal training, making them an ideal choice for liposuction procedures.

Recommend Peristaltic pump

  BT600M Precision Peristaltic Pump 

  - Flow Rate: 0.007-2280mL/min 

  - YZ1515x Pump Head
  - Tube: 17#,18#  

BT600M is a very popular liposuction peristaltic pump all over the world. The BT600M peristaltic pumps are used in swelling anesthesia in the liposuction process. It helps doctors deliver the saline or precisely control the delivery rate and dosing of medicine. BT600M peristaltic pump features accurate flow control, no contamination, and easy to load pump head. Besides, BT600M - as a basic peristaltic pump,  is also widely used in leaching pumps, solvent extraction, laboratory analysis, flotation, sapphire grinding, and endoscopic.  Inquiry now to get the best price!

BT600M is a large flow basic peristaltic pump. Easy to operate. This machine is equipped with a foot control switch and pulse control start and stop. Long life service and low maintenance. If you are going to start with liposuction and want to learn more information about peristaltic pumps, please contact us directly at [email protected].

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