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Why Choose the Peristaltic Pump in Dialysis?


What is dialysis?

Dialysis is the medical solution for lost kidney functions in people with kidney failure. Dialysis has two types optional, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Both treatments aim to remove waste and excess water from the blood and are used primarily as an artificial replacement.

Hemodialysis is generally completed by a hemodialysis machine, which is mainly composed of an extracorporeal blood circulation system, a dialysate channel, circuit control and monitoring, and a human-computer interaction device. The extracorporeal blood circulation system includes a blood pump, heparin pump, arteriovenous pressure monitoring, air monitoring, and venous tube clamping tissue, etc. The blood pump generally uses a peristaltic pump to push the blood forward.

Why choose the peristaltic pump in dialysis as the “blood pump”?

1. The shearing force of the peristaltic pump is relatively small and will not cause damage to blood cells, so this is important because blood cells are the most important thing in the blood. Once the blood cells are damaged, the transmitted blood will have no activity.

2. The medical dialysis pump needs high-accuracy flow. The peristaltic pump can achieve high precision to ensure the medical treatment dosing.

3. Peristaltic pump provides a stable flow of blood to avoid injury.

4. The blood only contacts the inner wall of the peristaltic pump tubing, and there is no need for valves and seals in the peristaltic pump, which completely avoids cross-contamination between the transmission liquid and the pump. Aseptic operation of dialysis equipment can be achieved through the use of disposable tubing that meets hygienic requirements.

Where to buy peristaltic pumps?

Chonry is the leading peristaltic pump manufacturer in China. We supply low-flow to high-flow peristaltic pumps, syringe peristaltic pumps, and Laboratory peristaltic pumps and support the OEM peristaltic pump. Please feel free to contact us to buy the peristaltic pump ([email protected]).

CHONRY Dialysis Peristaltic Pump - OEM Peristaltic Pump WP600M

WP600M oem peristaltic pumps are mainly designed for hemodialysis machines. Compact size, low noise, and stable flow. Automatically monitor the running status of the roller during operation; Automatically output an alarm signal when the roller is reversed and stopped during operation. You can adjust the flow rate by the speed of the peristaltic pump. That is very useful for clinical dialysis.  If you are interested in our dialysis pump WP600M, please feel free to contact us. 

Flow Rate: Tube with inner diameter 5mm, rotating speed 150rpm, flow rate 550ml/min

Why Choose the Peristaltic Pump in Dialysis?


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