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What are the applications of peristaltic pump in medicine


In the clinical work of the medical industry, the use of peristaltic pumps for irrigation and drip irrigation is very common:

1. Thermochemotherapy infusion: infusion of the equipped agent into the tumor site to increase the temperature of the tumor tissue site in the body to the effective treatment temperature and maintain it for a certain period of time, using the difference between the normal tissue and tumor cell's ability to withstand temperature to achieve both The purpose of treatment to make tumor cells apoptosis without damaging normal tissues.

2. Colon perfusion: The lavage fluid is heated and introduced into the colon part of the body through a catheter after reaching a suitable temperature, and then discharged from the catheter after a certain period of time, thereby achieving the cleaning effect on harmful components in the body.

3. Surgical rinsing: After the medical operation, the wound site will be cleaned aseptically, and the surgical instruments will be disinfected and sterilized. The effect of reducing infection and preventing adhesion after surgery;

The advantages of a peristaltic pump:

Based on the safety and hygiene requirements of the medical operation process, the perfusion and irrigation pipelines in the process must be used for one time. The peristaltic pump can be used to provide a stable and controllable flow rate without contact with liquids or drugs.



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