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Peristaltic Pumps Are Used in Dispensing Machines

Dec. 29, 2023


Peristaltic pumps are used in dispensing machines

  The dispensing machine is a kind of glue, paint or other liquids used in product technology to accurately point, inject, apply and smear. It can realize various liquid application methods such as dotting, marking, circular and arc shapes.

Dispensing machines are mainly used to apply glue to various mechanical products. Dispensing machines are used in automated production lines of various high-tech products, such as semiconductor manufacturing, electronic parts wholesale, LCD manufacturing, etc. As a new type of industrial pump, the peristaltic pump has many advantages and is now often used in conjunction with dispensing machines in various industries.

Supporting features:

1. Safe to use

  The peristaltic pump uses rollers to alternately squeeze the liquid in the hose pump head to operate stably. The dispensing machine uses Omron sensors, Korean process synchronous belts and other imported equipment. The positioning during the operation is accurate and the operation error is small. It can also be set back The suction parameters prevent liquid dripping, truly achieving stable glue dispensing and no glue leakage.

  2. Simple maintenance

Compared with the troublesome maintenance of other types of dispensing machines, cleaning problems of the filtration system, etc., the maintenance of the peristaltic pump is extremely simple. It only needs to replace the pump tube regularly, while the driver and pump head are kept dry and clean, and no other additional maintenance is required. . The dispensing machine is modularly assembled and can be quickly replaced if there is a fault without affecting production.

3. Widely used

Imported anti-interference cables, when paired with any peristaltic pump, can provide different flow dispensing requirements. It is suitable for batch automatic dispensing, automatic dispensing, drilling, engraving and other working environments.

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