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Peristaltic Pump Maintain

Jun. 01, 2023


As a manufacturer of peristaltic pumps, we understand the importance of proper maintenance to ensure the longevity and efficiency of our products. In fact, peristaltic pumps are low-maintenance pumps because only the inner bore of the tube touches the fluid. In this blog, we will discuss some key tips for peristaltic pump maintenance, including how to clean the pump.

First and foremost, it is important to regularly inspect the pump for any signs of wear and tear. This includes checking the tubing for cracks or leaks, as well as ensuring that the rollers and bearings are properly lubricated. If any issues are detected, they should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage to the pump.

Another important aspect of peristaltic pump maintenance is the monitoring and replacement of peristaltic pump tubing. The lifetime of a silicone peristaltic pump tube is about 200-300 hours while the life of the Norprene tube or Tygon peristaltic pump hoses are 1000-2000hours. Noted how many hours the peristaltic pump tubing working. And select the tubing thickness and size that are compatible with the pump. Too thin or too thick of a peristaltic pump tube will cause breaking or damaging occlusion within the system.

In addition to regular cleaning, it is also important to properly store the pump when not in use. This includes disconnecting the tubing and thoroughly cleaning the pump before storing it in a dry, cool place. It is also recommended to cover the pump with a protective cover to prevent dust and debris from accumulating on the exterior.

Peristaltic Pump Maintain

How to replace the peristaltic pump tube?

1. Turn off the power supply: Before replacing the peristaltic pump tube, ensure that the power supply is turned off to avoid any electrical hazards.

2. Remove the old tube: Open the pump head and remove the old tube by pulling it out from the rollers. If the tube is stuck, use a pair of pliers to gently pull it out.

3. Clean the pump head: Use a soft cloth or a brush to clean the pump head and rollers to remove any debris or residue from the previous tube.

4. Cut the new tube: Cut the new tube to the required length using a sharp pair of scissors. Ensure that the ends are cut straight to ensure a proper fit.

5. Insert the new tube: Insert one end of the new tube into the pump head and push it through until it comes out the other end.

6. Secure the tube: Place the tube over the rollers and adjust the tension to ensure a tight fit. Make sure that the tube is centered over the rollers.

7. Test the pump: Turn on the power supply and test the pump to ensure that it is working properly.

8. Dispose of the old tube: Dispose of the old tube in accordance with local regulations.

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