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How is corrosive fluid transmitted safely and accurately?

Mar. 15, 2024


In laboratory, filling, chemical production, in the experimental test or chemical analysis environment, often may use corrosive medium fluid transmission, and in the transmission or in the dropping process, improper operation, it is easy to cause 

injuries or equipment damage, is a big challenge in the safety of production.

And corrosive liquid on the accuracy of the requirements is very strict, a little careless will affect the experimental data and the final results, so in these aspects of peristaltic pump corrosion resistance and fluid precision requirements are also very high.

So peristaltic pump is how to solve this problem?

To transfer a liquid from one container to another, this is the peristaltic pump that we use for filling, repackaging and metering in various industries. Peristaltic pump hoses of different materials and specifications are used for liquid transmission with different properties and flow requirements in the transportation of corrosive liquids.、

In order to prevent chemical reactions and cope with corrosive liquid problems, peristaltic pump will carry out precise control and measurement during operation, so as to achieve accurate control of liquid. The minimum unit can start measurement with microliter, and the accuracy is guaranteed.
Hose materials can be customized, special, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, structure stability, and the transmission medium does not have a chemical reaction.
Independent pipeline seal vacuum transmission, to ensure the personal safety of operators, as well as to ensure that the pump parts are not damaged, saving maintenance costs.
CR peristaltic pump can be intelligent, memory regulation, flow, times, speed can be intelligent Settings, with a fixed time, quantitative requirements of organizations or individuals, can directly reduce the repeatability of human cost.

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