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Application of peristaltic pump for beer additive transmission and filling process

Jun. 12, 2023


Beer is a low-alcohol beverage made by yeast fermentation with malt and hops. It contains carbon dioxide gas and bubbles.

In the process of beer brewing, it can be roughly divided into two parts: pre-fermentation and post-fermentation. In the process of pre-fermentation, the cooked filtered and diluted wort should be fully integrated with the brewer's yeast for fermentation reaction. This is followed by one to four months of post-fermentation, then filtration and bottling to produce the various brands and types of beer we see on the market.

As a beverage, beer seems simple, but in fact, its production process is complex and long, and its main ingredient is undoubtedly water. In the whole production, water treatment involved in all aspects is particularly important. The peristaltic pump is widely used in beer production with its strong compatibility characteristics.

Those who know about peristaltic pumps know that in the transmission of liquid medium, it can be said to be a professional level of processing "expert", which is accurate, hygienic and safe and reliable, and compared with large mechanical equipment, peristaltic pump occupies an inherent advantage in cost performance and practicality.

So, in the production process of beer, a peristaltic pump is mainly used in what steps?

A) Transfer of brewer's yeast

Yeast addition is an important step in beer fermentation. The timing and dosage of yeast addition have strict standard requirements. To ensure yeast purity, the environment must be strictly controlled.A peristaltic pump can meet this point.

B) Wort clarifier solution transfer

Adding proper wort clarifiers to the wort can improve the quality of the wort and improve the shelf life of beer.

C) Bottle filling

The beer is injected into the bottle by the filling system to complete the packaging and the whole production is completed.

Application of peristaltic pump for beer additive transmission and filling process

So no matter the transmission or filling, peristaltic pumps in the fluid processing performance, have excellent performance.

In addition, as for the packaging of beer, it is noteworthy that more than 71% of the beer in the world is filled with glass bottles, which indirectly leads to huge market demand for filling. Among them, the peristaltic pump has an absolute application advantage in supporting the filling system.

In order to meet the precise requirements of hygiene and dosage in the transportation of various additives, the creative peristaltic pump provides convenience and guarantees for fluid handling in the production process through the following aspects:

· Chonry Peristaltic pump products have excellent flow stability and dose accuracy, without pressure for corrosive or sensitive fluid transmission;

· The peristaltic pump hose is the only contact part in the whole fluid pumping process. The hose used by The Peristaltic pump is an imported silica gel tube, which conforms to the USP Class VI, FDA, and NSF standards, and is sanitary and sterile;

· Technical solutions support custom extensions, and can provide configuration solutions and corresponding designs according to the actual needs of customers;

· Multi-product models and multi-hose sizes are optional, which can meet different production requirements.

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