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Chonry L (≤12000mL/min)
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BG600FJ-S Industrial Peristaltic Pump Liquid Dosing Pump 12L/min

Flow rate: 1.3-12000mL/min

  • BG600FJ-S is an industrial peristaltic pump that can switch the transmission and distribution modes by adjusting the key position.

  • Simple servo motor.  High flow peristaltic pump. Smart flow calibration

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BG600FJ-S industrial peristaltic pump high flow rate liquid dosing pump 12L/min. It is a type of large flow digital peristaltic pump. It can switch the transmission mode and distribution mode by adjusting the key position to different working environments. It can be installed with YZ35, YZ35-13L, and YZ35LS pump heads. It supports multichannel. Simple digital knob adjustable and bidirectional high torque. The current flow or speed is displayed through a 4-digit LED, and the liquid volume can be calibrated. It supports the RS485/MODBUS communication protocol, and the knob adjusts the parameters. The operation is simple and convenient


Mode switch

Two modes of transmission or distribution can be switched by adjusting the key position.

Servo motor

Driven by servo motor, powerful and more accurate control.

Power off save

Can automatically save the control parameters when the last power fails.

Flow calibration

After setting the target flow, input the actual flow value, and the system will automatically perform flow correction.

Can be cascaded

YZ35, YZ35-13 L, and YZ35LS pump heads can be installed, and multiple pump heads can be cascaded.

External control function

Support RS485/MODBUS communication protocol. the protocol can also be customized according to customer needs


It is used in industrial fermentation, and fluid transportation such as superplasticizers and admixtures, and is suitable for large-flow sub-packaging environments.

Drive model: BG600FJ-S

Max speed: 600rpm

Speed resolution: 0.1rpm

Max flow: 12000mL/min

Speed mode: Digital knob to adjust the speed

Display method: Four-digit LED displays current speed or flow

Suction angle: 10°-720°

Suction speed: 10-300rpm

Power supply: AC220V: 10% (standard) or AC110V+10% (optional)

Power: <400W

Extemal control interface: Start control/direction control/speed control (0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA optional) RS485 serial communication

Drive size: 448x232x236.5 (mm)

Drive weight: 19kg

IP grade: IP31

Pump HeadTubeID(mm)Wall Thickness(mm)Max Flow(ml/min)Max Speed(rpm)
YZ3573#9.63.37400    600

Flow unit: (mL/min) Tube: (mm)

Test conditions:

1. Flow data testing environment for room temperature 20-25 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 80%, altitude is not more than 1500 meters.

2. The test is measured using a straight-through tube, a suction range of 0.5 meters, the head is not more than 0.5 meters, and the total length of the tube is not more than 1.5 meters (inlet end + outlet end + test end).

The above data test environment for normal temperature and pressure, the test fluid is water, and the data is for reference only, please prevail in practice.

For specific needs, please consult Chonry Company.



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