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Peristaltic pump function classification


1. Speed-regulating peristaltic pump: with basic control functions of peristaltic pump, display speed, start and stop, direction, speed adjustment, filling and emptying, power-off memory, external control input, and other functions.

2, Flow type peristaltic pump: in addition to the basic function, increase the flow display, flow correction, communication, and other functions.

3, Distribution peristaltic pump: in addition to the basic control function, increase the flow display, flow correction, communication, liquid distribution, suction, output control, and other functions.

4, Customized (OEM) peristaltic pump: with a series of different flow ranges of the peristaltic pump head, customers can according to their own equipment needs, design different peristaltic pump drive circuits supporting use.

Peristaltic pump head selection:

1. Select one or two channels

2. Whether the pump head is required to regulate the pressure

3. Selection of the number of pump head rollers

4. Material selection of pump head

5. Choose different types of pump heads according to flow rate

Hose selection:

1. The inner diameter of the hose

2. Size of soft pipe wall thickness

3. Material of domestic pipe and imported pipe

4. Select different hose models based on the flow requirements

Daily maintenance of peristaltic pump:

In the process of daily use, after using for a long time to change the hose as far as possible, so that it is not easy to cause the silicone tube rupture, fluid from the tube within the limited capacity of flow into the pump head roller with corrosive liquid into the roller gap, wash immediately remove will pump in order to avoid weathering after solidification in the roller gap, will cause the pump head stuck phenomenon. The hose should be replaced in time according to the use frequency of the specific pump, or the position should be moved frequently. If the liquid is highly corrosive, please choose the inlet hose of the corresponding material to avoid damage to the pump.

The advantages of peristaltic pump:

1, No pollution: fluid only contact with the pump tube, do not contact the pump body;

2, High accuracy: high repetition accuracy, high stability accuracy;

3, Low shear force: it is the ideal tool for conveying shear sensitive and erosive fluid;

4, Good sealing: with good self-priming ability, idling, can prevent backflow;

5, Simple maintenance: no valves and seals;

6, With two-way equivalent flow transmission capacity; No liquid empty operation will not cause damage to any parts of the pump;

Peristaltic pump function classification


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