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The peristaltic pump for chemical reaction


When doing chemical reaction experiments, because various chemical components are more or less risky, experimenters need to have corresponding knowledge reserves and operating levels during the operation to avoid accidents.

When the operator adds various reaction materials to the reactor, he needs to master certain accuracy to avoid too much error, which brings considerable labor intensity to the operator.

If in the chemical reaction process, instead of using the traditional manual method to add chemical reaction raw materials, using a peristaltic pump to add raw materials, then the labor workload of the experimenters can be reduced, and the effect of the experiment can also be improved, ultimately improving scientific research. output efficiency.

TX Series OEM Peristaltic Pumps

TX215, TX315, and TX325, different pump heads are matched with different tubes to achieve different flow rates, which can be selected according to customer needs

The pump housing is made of high-performance engineering plastics, which have good corrosion resistance

Flip-top design, easy to operate

Provides self-adaptive elastic compression tubes to reduce hose wear

Support adjustment knob for adjusting the tightness of the card tube

Can be matched with a DC motor, stepper motor, compact and beautiful

It is often used in conjunction with analytical instruments, fermentation tanks, and other equipment

Suitable for most working environments, meet different flow requirements, and can be customized according to customer needs

Because of these characteristics, TX series peristaltic pumps are widely used in reactors, feeding materials to reactors during chemical reactions.

Using peristaltic pumps in chemical reactions has the following advantages:

1) Only the pump tubing is in contact with the chemical being transferred, which reduces chemical contamination and damage to other parts of the peristaltic pump.

2)The peristaltic pump itself has a self-priming function. It can generate a vacuum to suck chemical materials into the hose, and the length of the hose can be flexibly adjusted to meet different needs.

3)Peristaltic pump is a high-precision flow transmission machine, which can realize the transmission of various flow requirements and can accurately transmit flow.

4)The peristaltic pump has the function of continuous transmission or timing and quantitative distribution, which can meet the different needs of users.

5)In the feeding process of chemical raw materials, different raw materials can be individually controlled by peristaltic pumps, and different pump tubes can be used to keep the raw materials from interfering with each other, so as to achieve fusion in different proportions.

The peristaltic pump for chemical reaction


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