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Micro peristaltic pumps application in ink


The printing industry often uses micro peristaltic pumps to add ink quantitatively, which requires the application of printing consumable regeneration technology. This technology mainly relies on a peristaltic pump to control color print cartridges for quantitative ink addition.

The peristaltic pump, like ordinary peristaltic pumps, contains the pump head and drive of the peristaltic pump. The specific principle is to fix the color multi-channel ink inlet tube in the lock groove of the peristaltic pump head. Add a needle to the ink cartridge. Due to the use of a micro peristaltic pump and different types of color ink cartridge fixtures, precise injection control can be performed according to the real-time ink volume in the ink cartridge, to meet the different needs of different types of printing ink.

The ink can be filled gently without generating bubbles, suitable for limited floor space, and cost-effective.

With a micro peristaltic pump, the ink is completely contained in a hose compressed by a rotating roller, which pushes the ink along the hose. The vacuum created by the hose recovery draws more liquid. This produces a gentle and precise pumping process. Because the liquid is completely contained in the hose, there is no chance of cross-contamination or spillage.

Due to the gentle pumping process, there are no more bubbles in the ink.

Because only the hose is in contact with the ink, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

The color can be changed quickly and easily.

The pump can be idling without any damage.

Quieter and more efficient operation than high-pitched, expensive air diaphragm pumps.

Because the hose is the only wear part, it reduces downtime.

Micro peristaltic pumps application in ink


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