How to improve the efficiency of peristaltic pumps

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2018-11-21 15:39

peristaltic pumps is a new type of industrial pumps, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, transport some with sensitivity, viscous, highly corrosive, with grinding action, high purity requirements, as well as media containing certain granular materials. In the pharmaceutical field, peristaltic pumps are extremely popular for their high precision and low flow rates when applied, which can transmit highly viscous liquids, non-polluting, and corrosion-free pump tube types. Experts said that when customers choose peristaltic pumps, whether industrial peristaltic pumps, or laboratory peristaltic pumps, or liquid transmission peristaltic pumps, decided to work efficiency or peristaltic pumps transmission accuracy, and decided to peristaltic pumps transmission accuracy requires good peristaltic pumps fuselage, peristaltic pumps pump head and hose.

Wherein, peristaltic pumps peristaltic pumps hose is the main working part, its performance directly affects the accuracy, stability peristaltic pumps flow. The impact peristaltic pumps hose life there are many factors, such as the running speed of the pump head, hose material and pump head pressure tube gap between the roller and the arc and so on.
How to improve the efficiency of peristaltic pumps
Fatigue damage is the main performance of the hose rupture, the pump head speed needs to be adjusted. Baoding chuangrui Co., Ltd. technical personnel believe that in the choice of peristaltic pumps, should try to choose a larger flow of the pump head, which can also be run with a lower speed, thus extending the life of the hose.

The size of the pressure tube gap and the uniformity of the pressure tube gap also affect the life of peristaltic pumps hose.Such as the arc curve is uniform, the roller and the wheel machining error and the size of the roller assembly error center and the center of the arc.The pressure tube gap uneven, then, in order to ensure the airtightness of the pump head, will be at the position of the minimum pressure does not leak prevail, so that the rest of the place will be overpressure (gap smaller than normal), will hose the local life is reduced.

With the development of the market, for media particularity (such as corrosive)characteristics, corrosion resistance peristaltic pumps complement the traditional peristaltic pumps defects. Industry experts said, corrosive media delivery is often accompanied by high temperature, high pressure or contains impurities, which will further affect the life of the pump. Various chemicals and organic solvents in the transfer process is often accompanied by temperature rise, and many media will because of the existence of a variety of processes of high viscosity and a large proportion of the phenomenon. These phenomena have a severe test of the pump.

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