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Dialysis Pump Medical Peristaltic Pump WP600M

Flow Rate: WP600M

Flow Rate: 550ml/min

Dialysis Pump Medical Peristaltic Pump 

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Dialysis is the medical solution for lost kidney functions in people with kidney failure. Dialysis has two types optional, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hemodialysis is generally completed by a hemodialysis machine, which is mainly composed of an extracorporeal blood circulation system, a dialysate channel, circuit control and monitoring, and a human-computer interaction device. The extracorporeal blood circulation system includes a blood pump, heparin pump, arteriovenous pressure monitoring, air monitoring, and venous tube clamping tissue, etc. The blood pump generally uses a peristaltic pump to push the blood forward.

Our WP600M is a special medical peristaltic pump used for dialysis. The blood only touches the tube. No cross-contamination. The peristaltic pump tube has achieved GMP、USP Class VI、FDA and NSF Grades. Does not contain any harmful substances. Further, the peristaltic pump tubes are easy to replace. Importantly, the hemodialysis machine doesn't have the function of a blood flow rate test. You can adjust the flow rate by the speed of the peristaltic pump. That is very useful for clinical dialysis.  If you are interested in our dialysis pump WP600M, please feel free to contact us. 


WP600M dialysis peristaltic pump consists of a DC servo motor and a pump head. It is used as a part of a hemodialysis machine. The flow rate is 550ml/min. Tube with inner diameter 5mm, rotating speed 150rpm. High precision, easy-to-control flow rate.

1. Elastic pressure tube: With a high-pressure overflow function, a detachable structure, convenient for pipe installation; the self-contained handle can be manually rotated for work.

2. Running signal detection: Automatically monitor the running status of the roller during operation; Automatically output an alarm signal when the roller is reversed and stopped during operation.

3. Rotation direction prompt and color warning. 

4. The transparent flip cover in the middle can clearly observe the operating status; the flip cover has its own magnet, which is convenient for opening and closing.

5. High-precision DC servo motor realizes closed-loop control and can monitor motor status in real-time.

6. Cover opening sensor, the cover opening motor automatically stops when working, providing safety protection.

Dialysis Pump Medical Peristaltic Pump WP600M

Dialysis Pump Medical Peristaltic Pump WP600M Parameters

Wall Thickness3±0.3mm
Reference FlowTube with inner diameter 5mm, rotating speed 150rpm, flow rate 550ml/min
Speed Range0-200rpm
Pump Head materialAluminum alloy
Roller materialStainless Steel
MotorDC servo + gearbox

Motor/ Reducer Parameter

Motor Parameter
No.of Poles8
Voltage24v DC
Rated Power23.5W
Rated Speed1500rpm
Rated Current1.3A
Rated Torque0.15N.m
Temperature Rise80K
Insulation classB

Motor Reducer Data
No-load speed200
Rate Torque1.5
Rated Speed150
Reduction Ratio1:10






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