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UCP304/ZN25-24 Small Peristaltic Pump



Max Flow


Max Speed600rpm

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UCP304  small peristaltic pump has superior built-in functions and a flexible design, pump head selection of transparent material can better understand the work of a peristaltic pump. To meet specific customer needs. Flexible rotor assembly and automatic bite adjustment make the peristaltic pump powerful. With double board is its own program, UCP304-B1 is the transmission program, and UCP304-B2 is the allocation program. You can choose the appropriate program you need at the time of purchase.

Micro peristaltic pumps are designed for custom tubing with  2.4 mm wall thickness and flow ranges up to 1740 ml/min. The shell of the pump head is made of PPS material and the pump barrel is made of 304 Swiss material. Roller high strength, good wear resistance, chemical resistance. high-temperature sterilization resistance.


Compact shape, you can intuitively see the work of the peristaltic pumps

3 rollers designed for low pulsation

Stepper motor, suitable for driver control

Double deck, a customized transfer program, and a distributor


UCP peristaltic pumps are widely used in equipment and instruments such as flue gas analyzers, fermenter feed systems, greenhouse cultivation, hand sanitizer filling, medical equipment, laundry, and vending machines. You can choose different products according to your product flow and demand function.

Pump HeadZN25
MotorDC Motor
Max Speed(rpm)600
Max Flow (mL/min)1740mL/min
Tube Specifications24#

TubeID(mm)OD(mm)Speed(rpm)Flow rate (ml/min)





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