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How Peristaltic Pump helps Seed Coating Machines?


What is the seed coating technology?

Seed coating technology is a process in which seeds are coated with various materials to enhance their performance and protect them from environmental stressors. This technology involves the application of a thin layer of protective substances such as polymers, fungicides, insecticides, and nutrients onto the surface of the seed. The coating serves multiple purposes, including improving seed germination, providing protection against diseases and pests, and delivering essential nutrients to the developing seedling. Additionally, seed coating technology can also help in the efficient and uniform application of agrochemicals, reducing the amount of chemicals needed and minimizing environmental impact. Overall, seed coating technology plays a crucial role in modern agriculture by improving seed quality and crop productivity.

How Peristaltic Pump Helps Seed Coating Machines? 

In the early days, seed coating and other treatments were carried out by traditional manual seed dressing, and coating was carried out by stirring. However, the quality of seed coating in this way was uneven. After the introduction of the seed coating machine, the coating efficiency was greatly improved. efficiency and seeding efficiency.

The seed coating machine requires stable and accurate transmission of the liquid. It needs to maintain a constant flow during the process of adding the liquid. It also requires that the liquid can be measured through a computer, and maintenance and installation must be simple and convenient. The pump just meets the liquid transmission needs of the coating machine, so peristaltic pumps are widely used in continuous seed coating machines

How Peristaltic Pump helps Seed Coating Machines?

Chonry Peristaltic Pumps Solutions

As a professional peristaltic pump manufacturer, we combined the requirements of customers. Finally, we developed the BT100M liquid transferring peristaltic pump applied for seed coating machines. It can load YZ1515X, YZ2515X, and DG pump heads. The flow rate is 480ml/min. BT100M peristaltic pump high precision flow rate control ensures each seed is properly coated. The design of the BT100M peristaltic pump is relatively simple, with no valve or seal, effectively preventing blockages or drug leakage. It is also easy to clean and maintain, reducing equipment maintenance costs and cycles, and improving equipment stability and reliability. 

How Peristaltic Pump helps Seed Coating Machines?


Minimalist operation: Low power consumption motor, the digital knob is easy to operate, long life

External control operation: With RS485/MODBUS communication protocol, analog control

Flow calibration: Multiple calibrations can be performed to reduce flow rate errors and ensure flow accuracy

Adapt to multiple pump heads: Various pump heads such as the YZ series, DG series can be installed

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How Peristaltic Pump helps Seed Coating Machines?

How Peristaltic Pump helps Seed Coating Machines?


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