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OEM201/YZ1515x Small Peristaltic Pump DC12V-24V Motor

Max Flow: 2280ml/min

OEM201 is loaded with YZ1515x pump heads. DC 12V and 24V motors are optional. It is our most hot small peristaltic pump. It is used for Lab, chemical, food industrial precision fluid transfer. 

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- Suitable for various liquids, as well as handling liquid with small particle

- Supporting various tube materials to transfer different corrosive or non-corrosive liquid

- Easy load pump head

- Quick connect carrier

Packaging list
OEM201/YZ1515x Peristaltic Pump1 setThe max flow rate of 18# is2280ml/min
2Silicone tube 18#2m for each pump
3Connector 18#2 pcs for each pump

OEM201/YZ1515x Small Peristaltic Pump 12V-24V Motor

Drive modeOEM201/YZ1515x(600r,5K motor)
Tube mode13# 14# 19# 16# 25# 17# 18#
Pump headYZ1515x
Max Flow range(ml min)2280ml/min
Speed range(ml/min)30-600rpm
Number of rollers3 rollers
Operating temperature0~40°
Relative humidity<80%
Series connectionNo
OEM customizedYes
Forward and reverseYes

Pump HeadTube ModelID (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)Max Flow (ml/min)Speed(rpm) Hose Material

oem201 peristaltic pump liquid dosing pump 2280ml/min



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