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BP600 Mini Peristaltic Pump Cheap Price

Max flow: 700ml/min

 BP600 mini peristaltic pump is compact in size and has large power. The flow rate is 700ml/min. Peristaltic metering pumps are used for laboratory and chemical transfer. 12v and 24v peristaltic pump for optional at a cheap price.

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BP600 small peristaltic pump is a type of OEM product. It adopts the stepper motor, a more stable fluid. The flow rate of the BP600 peristaltic metering pump is up to 700ml/min. It is widely used for laboratories, medical equipment, and water treatment industries. Compact size and high quality reach the precision fluid transfer. As the peristaltic pump manufacturer, Chonry provides you with the best price for a peristaltic pump.


- The spring compensation structure can prolong the service life of the pump pipe, prevent the liquid backflow and the negative pressure is stable

- Gear transmission, long life low noise 

- Double bearing transmission, long life, maintenance-free

- Strengthening engineering plastics, high strength, stable performance 

- Transparent shell, visible work, beautiful and generous

-The direction of the pump pipe can be switched at will 

- Imported pump pipe, good chemical resistance


Product ModelBP600
MotorStepper motor
Flow rate0-700ml/min
PressureLow Pressure
Pump tube materialSilicone tube
Customized SupportOEM, ODM, Software reengineering

Performance and Flow Parameter Table of Pump Pipe

Code/Material of Pump PipePerformance CharacteristicsPump Tube Life
Norprene TubeMeeting the FDA certification and is very suitable for food and dairy products. Heat and ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, oxidation resistance, and long life.>1000h
Silicone TubeLow cost, weak acid and alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance worse than the above NP pump pipe, service life is lower than NPpump pipe.>200h

Flow Parameters

Pump pipe codeS32S40S48N32N40N48
ID x OD3.2 x 6.44 x 7.24.8 x 83.2 x 6.44 x 7.24.8 x 8
Tube materialSilicone TubeNorprene Tube
Flow-rateml/min24V DC0.3A320500660320500660
12V DC0.6A320500660320500660
Ideal working conditions: ambient temperature 0-40℃, relative humidity <80%


1. Test method: normal temperature(20℃), Pure water test under normal pressure;

2. The above data is for reference only, and the flow rate will have deviation according to different liquid, pressure and pipe length

3. Pump pipe material, flow rate and control mode can be customized according to requirements.






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