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Semi Automatic Liquid Filling Machines FP10

The automatic liquid-filling machine is designed to fill the bottle. Clean and fast. The inline filling system is available of 4-8 filling heads. Contact us to get a new quote.

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Chonry liquid filling machine is made of stainless steel, solid and durable, touch screen control, easy operation, and adjustable flow direction. A flat conveying surface is not easy to fall, suitable for multi-channel filling, with intelligent identification of lack of bottles, easy to solve the slow release of bottles, the number of bottles is not enough, etc. For complicated situations, the size of the equipment can be customized and it can be used with bottle sorting machines and capping machines.


Stainless Steel

The whole equipment is made of stainless steel, which is solid and durable.

Stable Transfer

The conveying surface is flat, the bearing capacity is strong, and the transfer direction and adjustable.

No bottle and stop filling 

Intelligent identification bottle shortage system, which can easily solve the situation of slow bottle release and insufficient bottles.


The length width and height can be customized and can be used with equipment such as bottle sorting machines and capping machines.

Machine materialStainless steel
SizeLength 1.5 meters wide 101.6mm (can be customized )
Chain materialNylon; Stainless Steel (210 304 316)
Line width90mm-2000mm (multi-column combination required)
Motor powerCustomized options

Dimensions of the single hinge (mm)

Board width63.554.563.582.688.9101.6114.3127152.4190.5





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