peristaltic pump hose replacement

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2018-07-11 14:39

The peristaltic pump tube is one of the most commonly used accessories for peristaltic pumps, so the replacement of the pump hose is a skill that the customer must master.

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Why replace the peristaltic pump hose?

First, the peristaltic pump tube is used to transport liquid. Some liquids are sticky and will stick to the inside of the hose.
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If the cleaning is not clean, the flow accuracy will be affected. Or if a plurality of different liquids are transported, in order to prevent chemical reaction of the liquid mixture, it is necessary to replace the pump tube. Second, the peristaltic pump works on the principle that the rotor squeezes the pump tube to generate power to push the liquid. If the rotor squeezes the same position of the hose for a long time, it may cause the hose to wear.

peristaltic pump hose replacement

Replacing the peristaltic pump hose is actually very simple and can be roughly divided into two steps: first, replacing the old pump tube, and second, installing a new pump tube.
peristaltic pump hose replacement
Because our pump tubing is specifically designed for peristaltic pumps, it has a long service life and does not require frequent replacement. If the customer has questions about how long to replace the pump tubing or how to replace the pump tubing, you can contact us.

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