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Peristaltic Pump Transfer Glue in Sealing and Gematinizing Machine



What is a high-speed center sealing and gelatinize machine?

The high-speed center sealing and gelatinize machine is specially used to glue the PVC and PET shrink film materials and form them into roll bag-shaped packaging materials, which are used for bottle label packaging of various mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, and other daily-use packaging.


Peristaltic pump used in sealing and gelatinize machine

The main function of the peristaltic pump is to automatically and accurately deliver the glue to the designated position of the bonding label in the use of the palmtop device.

*If the High-Speed Center Sealing and Gelatinize Machine need to use adhesive when joining the labels, then the transportation of adhesive is a problem. The glue application methods such as the rotary wheel coating previously used have the following problems:

1, There are many parts of glue contact, which are easy to pollute the machine and difficult to clean.

2, The glue coating is uneven, and the amount of glue is not easy to control.

3, The glue application process is troublesome and debugging is inconvenient. Since the peristaltic pump only has the pump tube in contact with the glue, it can be continuously delivered to the parts that need to be glued, so it can solve the problem of glue application for the palm joint machine.

* Advantages of peristaltic pumps

The reason why the peristaltic pump can solve the problem of glue application for the high-speed center sealing and gelatinizing machine is that the liquid of the peristaltic pump only touches the pump tube during use, and the viscosity of the glue liquid is very high, which is different from the poorly viscous liquid and the non-viscous water flow. The peristaltic pump can continuously and accurately transport the adhesive to the designated location, and ensure high efficiency and long-term stability.

Recommend BT100M basic peristaltic pumps used in sealing and gelatinize machine.

It is our basic type of pump suitable for the transfer of viscous and non-viscous fluid. Long life service. Hard and durable shell. Easy to operate. The flow rate range is 0.0015-480mL/min. It can be loaded with YZ1515X, YZ2515X, and DG series pump heads. Support RS485/MODBUS communication protocol, simple operation, and convenience.


Peristaltic Pump Transfer Glue in Sealing and Gematinizing Machine

* Matters needing attention in the transmission process of the peristaltic pump of the high-speed center sealing and gelatinize machine device:

1. Select pump tubing: peristaltic pump tubing with a slightly thicker wall thickness and a slightly larger inner diameter should be selected.

2. It is best to control the speed of the peristaltic pump within 50 rpm.

3. Prevent the tube from breaking and affecting the work. Check the pump tubing regularly.

4. The pump head of the peristaltic pump should be selected as well as possible. The structure with good resistance to glue and corrosion is good. The driver preferably chooses to have a flow display function and correction function.

5. The inlet and outlet hoses of the peristaltic pump are preferably short.

6. The glue port should prevent blockage.


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