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Chromatography Peristaltic Pump


Chromatography Peristaltic Pump

The Definition of Chromatography

Chromatography is an experimental method.  Chromatography is a kind of mixture separation technology, which is widely used in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry and other fields. Using the difference in physical and chemical properties of each component in the mixture, the multi-component mixture was separated and determined by chromatography. It can be divided into adsorption chromatography, distribution chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, gel filtration chromatography, etc.

Specific Applications of Chromatography Include:

Desalination, such as gel chromatography to remove low molecular weight impurities from solution of polymer (such as protein, nucleic acid, polysaccharide, etc.);

Separation and purification, used for the separation and purification of enzymes, proteins, polysaccharides, hormones, alkaloids and other substances;

Concentration of a dilute solution;

Determination of molecular weight of polymer;

As well as various chromatography methods and packing performance research and so on;

In the natural state, due to the limited penetration rate of liquid in the chromatography column, appropriate external pressure is needed to enhance the penetration capacity of liquid and ensure that the liquid is free from cross-contamination. Therefore, the peristaltic pump is an ideal choice for conveying fluid in the process of chromatography and is often used to control the flow rate of the mobile phase, eluent flow rate, pump buffer, and extract samples to be tested.

The Role of Peristaltic Pump in Chromatography

Upstream rehydration

Transfer of culture medium

PH control, defoaming agent, buffer and other rehydration

Fermentation tank sampling/collection/packaging

Benefits of Peristaltic Pump Chromatography

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1. Provide stable flow rate: The peristaltic pump can accurately control the flow rate of the fluid to ensure stability and repeatability during the experiment.

2. Provide precise flow control: The peristaltic pump can adjust the flow rate according to experimental needs to ensure uniform distribution of samples in the chromatography column.

3. Provide continuous flow: Peristaltic pumps can continuously provide fluid flow to avoid interruptions and fluctuations during the experiment.

4. Ensure the accuracy of experimental results: The peristaltic pump can ensure the uniform distribution of samples in the chromatography column, thereby ensuring the accuracy and reliability of experimental results.

Recommend Right Chromatography Peristaltic Pump

BT100M Basic Peristaltic Pump

- Flow Rate: 0-480ml/min 

- Suitable Tubing: 13#,14#,19#,25#,16#,17#,18#

- External control operation RS485/MODBUS communication protocol

- Precise flow rate control

Chromatography Peristaltic Pump

ON103C Lab Peristaltic Pump Liquid Delivery

- Flow rate: 0-380ml/min

- Suitable tubing: 13#,14#,19#,25#,16#,17#,18#

- Compact and small size 

- Lower noise when working 

Chromatography Peristaltic Pump


Peristaltic Pump - Lab Batch/Pilot Batch/Scale-Up Batch Test in Various Industries


What Are Applications of Peristaltic Pumps in Laboratory Experiments?
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