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Lab Syringe Pumps for MicroLiquid Injection Precision Medical Biopharmaceutical


Syringe pump for Medical biopharmaceutical industry application


Customer demand
1) Drugs are directly related to the health and safety of the people. In order to ensure the quality of the drugs, the entire production process of the pharmaceutical industry requires precise fluid transport and a pollution-free production environment.
2) The user needs to quantitatively add 1 microliter of liquid to the container at a time, and the precision requirement is within 1%.
3) The two channels are run simultaneously and the operation is simple.
4) It may be used in conjunction with other control equipment later.


1) The traditional peristaltic pump has a wide flow range, high fluid transmission accuracy and stability, but the micro-flow liquid has low transmission precision. The user can use the ZS100 syringe pump to completely solve the accuracy problem.
2) This product has a quantitative function and can be automatically and repeatedly extracted.
3) LCD touch screen operation, easy to operate.

Syringe Pump Advantages: 
1) Improve fluid transfer accuracy, repeat injection accuracy <1%, suitable for any liquid.
2) 4.3-inch LCD touch screen operation with animation display, friendly man-machine interface.
3) The syringe pump is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The uniform size syringe can be used, and the later use cost is low. The general market syringe cost is about 2-3 yuan.
4) Applicable to a variety of syringes, flow rates ranging from 0.002ml/min to 140 ml/min.
5) The dual-channel syringe pump can deliver two liquids at the same time, and the transmission efficiency is doubled.
6) During the transmission process of the syringe pump, the liquid only passes through the syringe and the tube, and does not need to be in contact with the body, effectively avoiding liquid cross-contamination.
7) Function upgrade, the product can be automatically and repeatedly extracted, can be quantitatively divided and transmitted, and can set mechanical limit or system intelligent limit.
8) In the external control part, the external control of the product is fully upgraded, and the external control mode of the pump can be set by itself, without separate ordering.


 Here is the lab syringe pump video: 

ZS100 is ideal for applications requiring multiple syringes, it can hold up to 10 syringes. It can hold a wide range of syringe sizes to meet most requirements of laboratory applications. The acceptable syringe specification is from 10μL to 60ml. Suitable for high accuracy and small flow rate liquid transferring.

The syringe pump is the best solution for micro-fluid transferring. It has high precision control and a wide linear speed range. It can be widely used in 

- Chemical reaction injection experiments 

- Spinning 

- Animal drug injection experiments 

- Laboratory micro injection experiments 

- peristaltic pump for mouse perfusion 

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