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Filling Needle

The filling needle is made of high-quality stainless steel, strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Durable and sturdy. Comply with the FDA and GMP standards. It can be used for different specification hose.

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Experiments have proved that in the process of fluid treatment with peristaltic pumps, the use of filling needles can effectively prevent the phenomenon of floating tubes and running tubes, thereby solving embarrassing problems such as gas back-suction or container adsorption, and can not only ensure the stability of fluid filling It can also improve the accuracy of fluid transmission.

Chonry new upgraded filling needle series is made of high-quality stainless steel, which has strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties, is durable, completely hygienic, and meets the production requirements of FDA and GMP; there are two types of flat mouth design and petal mouth design. A variety of size options for models can be used with different hose equipment, providing efficient solutions for customers' diverse fluid needs.


1. The size and length of the model can be customized, and the flow capacity is wide, which can meet more filling needs;

2. Stainless steel pipe body, not easy to rust, not easy to damage, high level of hygiene and safety;

3. Pagoda joint: the hose connection is easier to operate, which is conducive to deepening and strengthening the joint position;

4.Threaded interface: strong stability, convenient for matching installation of different equipment;

5. Exit, different choices of flat mouth design and petal mouth design, to meet the different needs of customers



Beverage soup and other food fillings,

Capsules and other drug fillings,

Daily chemical products, industrial products and other liquid packaging.


The diameter model of the filling needle and the length of the needle tube can be customized, and the adaptability is strong. It can be used in various filling forms such as large bottle filling, small bottle filling, single bottle filling and multi-bottle filling.

16# / 25#(15#)/17# / 18# / 36# / 82#(Flat)
16# / 25#(15#)/17# / 18# / 36# / 82#(Closing)
Length10cm(standard),Can be customized
Material316 stainless steel
GradePharmaceutical grade/food grade
InterfaceThreaded interface
JointPagoda joint

Filling nozzle16#25#/15#17#18#36#82#
ID*Wall thickness3.3*1.64.8*1.6/4.8*2.46.4*1.67.9*1.69.6*2.412.7*3.3





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